Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More Post Storm Report 7-13

(From W. Jenkins in Kingsport,TN) In case some of this is of interest, I'm forwarding a note I just sent to Alan and Laura. I hope y'all are doing well and that you're families came through Dennis OK. Carol's dad lost some tin off his barn but at least it's still standing with all of the trusses in place and the shop is still covered! His wind gauge registered, I think, 130 mph!
I think you would like the DVD that Clay put together for EREC about their response to Ivan. Also, I figure you have probably seen references to the book and DVD called "Ivan's Wake".
Weather Underground:
Governer Bush reminded people that Dennis was a pretty serious storm even if it didn't do as much damage as Ivan. The pictures on the Pensacola News Journal website show that a lot of people did suffer some pretty serious damage.
Rennie (N. Santa Rosa Co - Jay) called a little while ago. They got power back today. He said a lot of barns in the area were damaged or destroyed again. A lot of trees are down, but not many houses appear damaged very badly except where trees fell. Some of the crops were damaged with leaves stripped off, but I think his came through reasonably well although Cindy said yesterday that some of the cotton was bruised. Their phone and cable line is lying on the road, so he won't be surprised if he loses phone service and the cable isn't working.
Uncle Donald's (Near UWF) house came through in good shape and his power has been restored. A tree fell on Brenda's house (between Davis and Scenic Hwys) but I don't know how badly it was damaged. Aunt Lois lost some columns from under her porch or carport (not sure which) but Rennie thinks it will be OK. There was some minor damage to the end of the carport at Karah's but he thinks he and Michael will probably be able to repair it. Michael says that the Blackwater State Forest is considering keeping the campgrounds and recreation areas closed until they see what Emily does.
I'm thinking about checking into a Red Cross class for people interested in disaster relief. After Erin, Opel, Ivan and Dennis have hit my home area, maybe I need to do something.

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