Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chumuckla School Reunion - Sept. 29

Now annually - LAST Saturday in September at the Farmers Opry. 2-4:30 pm,  Opry dinner ($12.50) at 4:30 and optional  show ($10) at 7pm.   The REUNION visiting time will of course exetend through the dinner so people will have plenty of time to share and talk through the meal hours until 7pm when the music show begins. I encourage everyone to attend both the dinner and the show because it is a wonderful meal AND the show is great.  It is understood though that some of the older attendees will want to leave before dark - but it will still be light after the early meal.

Separtate MORNING tour of Skeeter's Museum at 10AM for those who meet at the School Parking area (Lunch on your own - HOWEVER - I will check with the opry about offering a pre-set number of sack lunchers for those who go on the tour ). This will be posted with details and any adjustments with the reunion notes.  Each year ONE of several tour options will be offered -The Museum, A Local Farm, Coon Hill Cemetery, and The School are the current choices. THIS year - THE MUSEUM. (Free).

See Reunion Program --  to follow here and at and FB Chumuckla group. (All classes, all friends, all staff and teachers, families - invited).

Please share this blog link  by email with your Chumuckla contacts. Thank you!
There will be committee members for several Reunion oriented program topics but thankfully the confusion of pot luck, kitchen fees, cleanup committees and set up work is all removed by using the fantastic facilities at the FARMER's OPRY.  I know a lot of people that are RELIEVED to know that!
Committee TOPICS

A committee to pick and orient the EMCEE and program schedule
Committee for A Visual slide show using the Opry's video equipment .. Photos of years past

A "Famiy of the Year" committee to help us honor one specific FAMILY in the course of the day. This is a NEW concept and the FIRST FAMILY to be honored will be THE HARRIS FAMILY.

A School History Committee to help present  key topics in the schools history in one part of the program

A registration committee to be sure we get good lists of people who attend with email and address information to help with future reunions

A Finance  Commitee to determine if we need to even consider a fund to defray minor expenses that happen with reunions like... name tags .. signeage ..  or perhaps we seek a donor.

A Promotion Committee to take on the job of getting the information out both THIS year and NEXT year and possibly consier some kind of meaningful memento for attendees to take home with them.

Monday, June 11, 2012


This note from Joy Manning ...
Allentown/Central Alumni Meeting to be held on June 16 at 5:00. Potluck Dinner. Music, Memorabilia, Reminisce, Central Cafeteria. It is always the Sat. before Father's Day. Contact Joy Manning for more information ... they need some younger members on the planning team.
The Chumuckla School Reunion is in planning stages still. Likely to be a date in Sept. or Oct. Stay tuned.