Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dennis about 5PM Saturday 7-9-05

This is Dennis at about 1700 CST Saturday. It is a gorgeous hurricane, if you like the looks of a hurricane. Look at that eye! It is so perfect. Of course, that means it is forming up faster and faster and building energy. It is a killer. My cousin who is in Milton with her Mom and Dad just talked to me. She said the outook is grim. The summer heated water is feeding the storm and it is dead on track for Pensacola - Perdido Bay. This is worst case for Escambia Bay since the biggest surge will go right up that bay on the East side of the storm. FEMA is already in place for this one. Most evacuees left yesterday and the roads were relatively clear today (Saturday). She told me FEMA already has 350 trucks full of ice parked and waiting to drive right in with relief and there are 300 trucks of water parked in out of the way roads to the North and East. Communications is a world improved since Ivan. Still .. it looks like a repeat of Ivan and for many people who put in repairs, the whole effort will be wasted. 2100 EST: RT just reported by blackberry from FW Beach. First spat of rain moving in now. Leading edge rain bands, he guesses. See photo above. FWB is just to the right of Pensacola about 20 pixels. It seems like more if you drive down Hwy 98. KEY INTERNET LINKS.

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