Monday, October 19, 2020

CRUDDS - For the People. Ballot 2020

CRUDDS media team FIRST PODCAST.  Our review of the ballot and how you might consider voting.  This is suggested ballot choices.  Richard Wood​ of and Dick MIller, a retired  serial inventor and "father of the modern baseball", and Vic Campbell​ bring their immeasurable combined intellect to the people for consideration.  The ballot for our district may include offices not listed for other districts. CRUDDS "Chumuckla Reprobates Utopian Debate and Discussion Society" has secret rules of membership and caricature that nobody remembers.  We meet almost weekly over coffee or other liquids to pursue a goal of World Peace.  

THIS FIRST EPISODE is quite long. We know one of our founding members, Roy Allen​ will enjoy the entire discussion.  The first third is about the ballot and our suggestions for support. The middle third drifts into some global issues and then a discussion of baseball history.  The latter third on the time-line gets into some of Richard Wood's introduction to mayhem and pandemonium of our local past history.  We hope you allow yourself to relax and learn about the tensions in our present and past.  Maybe you will feel as if you are in the conversation. 

This episode became primarily an AUDIO podcast because the camera failed.  Meanwhile the recorder captured the discussion. Photos are added along with text to carry some of the feel for the CRUDD ambience. Feel free to criticise, agree, disagree or praise our brilliance.   

USE THE TIMELINE track to move the play cursor to other parts of the conversation at any time.

Our Conservative advisor suggested on the Judge appointments to the courts that we could safely agree to vote YES on all of them. ... Only one did a CRUDD suggest a NO and only because of 20 years on the bench. We all like term limits but Judges are not legislators which is where most of the term limit issues are of interest.  IF you have a good judge - keep them if they are healthy.

LINKS-- (youtube channel of Vic Campbell) (blog of mayhem by Richard Wood  ... Vic's main page and history DVD's  ... Vic's list of interests and links for local exploring
CHUMUCKLA - facebook link

Below suggested votes for the Amendments for the basic conservative. 
....... note --- our CRUDDS thought "NO" for number 4 was a good idea because we hire our legislators to debate these issues and make things happen. They need to debate the issues.  I think they do need to publicise clearly what amendments they are debating so the public can respond to their legislator. But having the public vote on most of these is an exercise in futility.  The public will not grasp the issues except for a very few who will have little effect on voting any of them down.

In the video we discuss these and why we suggest what we do (all like below except #4)

Friday, October 02, 2020

LAND FOR SALE - CHUMUCKLA (Campbell) (Salter) and MULAT (Gatewood)

 If you want YOUR family property listed here in the blog - just let Vic know. (no charge) 

Salter Property nice location


Smart thing -- get the land with the pond. Get electric and a well. Put in your RV Barn with an RV to hold you until you get your house built.  Later sell the RV - which if you do it right -you bought used anyway.....  This is only ONE way to think of transitioning to a nice estate in the country


Here are properties in Vic's family that are for sale.  the Avalon Property  near Mulat Bayou is under McIntosh Realtors .   The below aerials provide a wide overview of the property for you to determine you want to know more.    For the Chumuckla Property - contact Vic Campbell. Text 850 994 6120 . (email 

    For the Mulat Property contact Nathan McIntosh Realtor. 

This is being marketed by the JL Campbell Family under Trust Junction 197, LLC
The 20 and 14.5 Acres are suitable for a maximum of 3 residential homes. Tax on all 60 acres remaining as ag is about $2300
Home size restrictions will apply. 
Text Vic Campbell 850 994 6120 to learn more.
This is not listed with a realtor. But your realtor can talk to me.  WE CAN PARCEL sizes until lots are sold. 
More on these properties - though some is dated

The property below is in Avalon Beach between I-10 and Mulat Road.  The Gatewood family is divesting of estate property . Handled by McIntosh Realtors.
THE Bayou Property in the lower photo is sold.

Taxes ON 35 acres on Tinsley Lane about $2600. Nice superb refurbished cottage comes with it.

Property on the bayou has SOLD to a wise buyer now holding land worth twice what he paid  in 2021......   

Thursday, October 01, 2020

A Video Playlist for Chumucklan Folk

 This collection contains many insights into the people and places of NW Florida including Chumuckla.



Rucker Talks about NW FLA Histories
Dr. Brian Rucker, noted NW FLA historian and Professor at PSC and UWF - shares some insight with familiar NW Florida landmarks. 


On this page you will find a number of PLAYlists of videos mostly made by (and Vic Campbell).    There is a lot of great local information and entertainment in these collections. Enjoy Living The Life in NW Florida !

Other blogs by Vic Campbell

IN COUNTRY WITH UNCLE VIC ... a collection of histories, interviews, reflections and general topics that may be interesting to some.    Light reading for the armchair ruralist.


EVEN MORE Pictures from CHUMUCKLA SCHOOL - back in the old days


items to buy related to Chumuckla

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Tim Burch. 1949 - 2020

My Chumuckla classmate. A good friend . A great family.  At Jr. College, TIM AND I worked for the new Public TV Station WSRE . I was a photographer's helper.

Tim had a job reviewing ALL the travel films that filled a lot of hours of public broadcast then. This was to be sure they were not going to break, were complete, and did not have some embarrassing sabatoge film spliced in that reflect poorly on the station. 

Tim visited about every country there was, by film.  Later in life, he actually visited many. But, now ... he gets to visit the best of all, and not by film. Peace for your journey, Tim.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Lena - and Memories of Chumuckla

"In Remembrance"

Copyright © 2009 Myrtlene P. Langham. All rights reserved

This was the last photo I made of the Old Gin, in Feb. 1972
"Once full of life, now sat in silence"

The Era of the Cotton Gin was over. The spirit once felt by everyone was no longer there. Like a burning candle that no longer lights the darkness. It was now over and done.

Old Gin,You are remembered. Old Gin, You are missed.
Nothing can ever take the rightful place you held in the heart of the Chumuckla Community.

The Good Ole days
"Part I"

The Chumuckla Cotton Gin was a "highlight" in it's early years.

People would acutally travel a great distance to the area just to see it in operation.

There was always a hustle and bustle when it was time to "gin cotton.

During the day it was a very busy place. At night it was all lit up and noisy but with all that brought the
curiosity and excitement, especially for me. I was very young when I first saw the cotton gin and I think because I was a child the lights and the noise attracted me. After a while the sound was a comfort to me and I enjoyed it.

With the process of bailing cotton late at night, sometimes very late, you would think the noise would keep you awake but this was something that became second nature somehow.

At night while listening to the sound of the cotton gin, it became my lullaby and I would drift off into a peaceful sleep.

In Memory Of: My Parents
Joseph & Blanchie Pendleton
"Residents of Chumuckla

Copyright © 2009 Myrtlene P. Langham. All rights reserved

ca 2012 - Lena Langham (Myrtlene Pendleton) Exploring Santa Rosa History


Chumuckla School-Memories By: MPL38

"I'm back"

"Our 50th Class Reunion for 1958"
This is for the memories of all my classmates, celebrated-4-26-08

"My Personalized Indian Mandella"

I was honored to receive this oil painting made for me some years ago. With the History of Native Americans living in and around Chumuckla, I can't think of a better place to show it off than right here on
"A Place Called Chumuckla".

Fifth Grade, Class, 1951, sweet memories. I loved going to school.
In this photo, I am on the top row, third person from the right.
Our teacher, Mr Winoker is standing to the far right on the top row.

"My Chumuckla School"

This was the only school I attended from 1946 to 1956 and then
I moved away. I have so many happy memories that I can't explain the
meaning of how much those memories have meant to me on this
page for lack of space. Perhaps later on I can share a lot more.
"This photo was made in 1972"

Copyright © 2009 Myrtlene P. Langham. All rights reserved

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Living Life in the time of Covid - CRUDDS and More

For a few weeks, a number of fascinating encounters occurred and I never got around to writing anything down .  But I have pictures.   The following is a summary of activities with the CRUDDS group (Chumuckla Reprobates Utopian Debate and Discussions Society) and encounters about the county. One of the more inspiring was a visit with a Local Farm Family from the stars of national rated fishing youtube channels. Stuff just happens. A lot of it turns out to be fun.  A feature video at the END of this Blog Post. 

Let's start with this young fellow from Jay. Kaden Roberson .  We met him at the Duramed Deli. Kaden is a senior at Jay. Plays football. I was able to pick apart some of his heritage and I went to college on a bus with one of his aunts!  Jerry Kelley, shown here with him is a 3 time Vietnam Vet with some health issues. A recent stroke or two or three has set him back some. This young man, was a bright spot of the day. He thanked him for his service.  Well, you can know THIS- Jerry thinks this young fellow was worth it.   MORE PICTURES (with Korean War Vet, Dick Miller, and me... I was in the Campfire Girls .. which in those days was a very rugged outfit)

Al Piser and Dick Miller
Dick was doing a little research on laser wood cutters and talked a bit with AL Piser in Jay. Al has lived there about 3 years.  Leaving California, He rode around the area for a 200 mile radius searching for where he wanted to live. He picked Jay. He had some suggestions on the laser wood crafting market, which Dick's daughter in law is looking into.  

Packing for Down Range
Karen and I have ended up with 3 cats now. It comes down to the US Marines.  

Alex picked up a kitten a few years ago while downrange somewhere and now IMMI (Illegal Immigrant - there is a whole story) and her companion Princess Buttuhcup have to have a home when Alex goes downrange again. (which is now) 

Recently we added a kitten (Momo) to hold for Alex's marine buddy who is also downrange at the moment and which is being fostered until a THIRD marine buddy comes over to pick him up.  It has become a Kitty Kat hotel at our house .... and added immeasurably to the entertainment in this Time of Covid.  

Several topics of conversation came up at the CRUDDS visit this week.   Jim (my brother) brought over some fossils we collected 50 years ago in the Conecuh River just North of here.  He explained to Dick Miller these resulted from many fossil trips with our cousin Rogene Kilpatrick - who was also a Marine, Korean War Veteran.  

News Clip with Rogene Kilpatrick
The back-story, which Dick knows now, is that Rogene was in Dick's very same regiment and in a sister company through THREE major Korean War Battles. Look the battles up. They are historic.  PUSAN - INCHON - CHOSIN .  

These are now the names of the three rifle ranges for recruits at Parris Island. Rogene's Marine Footlocker is loaded with warm socks and rests at the Jay Museum.  His mom was born near Jay - was my Grandma's sister.

Richard Wood (left) will miss a few CRUDDS because of his job serving oil platforms by boat. But he passed along a great inside history of the old WW2 "meme" KILROY WAS HERE.  JIm recalled we had a book written by our Uncle (E.W. Carswell)  by the same name - "Before Kilroy".  So we loaned it to Dick Miller who had an interest in it. Also loaned him a copy of my own book because it came out that Uncle E.W. had written the forward to my own book 30 years ago. 
Free PDF copy ... see bottom of page at

in an album for the week.  

Also, consider my Chumuckla Heritage Store 
and the COVID t-Shirt.  I've made enough money so far to buy a box of donuts for the CRUDDS to enjoy.

PS - we practiced distance pretty well and used hand sanitizer regularly.
Be practical in groups and do things to mitigate passing a virus.


From the Chumuckla Heritage Store

THANK YOU to Susan Youtes for the wonderful Breakfast Casserole
It was quite a meal for us here at CRUDDS