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Sandy Wyatt 1952-2023

Sandy Wyatt
1952 - 2023

Sandy Wyatt, a pillar of our community, passed away peacefully at the age of 71 on Wednesday, November 22, 2023. He leaves behind a legacy of compassion, leadership, love, and humility that has touched the lives of countless individuals.

Born on May 23, 1952, Sandy was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, and cherished friend. His impact on our community was profound, and his memory will forever be etched in the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing him.
Sandy dedicated his life to making a positive difference in the lives of others. Many were impacted by his passion for music which he used to show love to thousands through his ministry at The Farmers’ Opry in Chumuckla.  Over 100 nationally renowned country music artists from around the world performed at the Opry; Sandy and his family served nearly half a million people during the Opry tenure.  His influence and connections within the musical industry helped launch the music careers of numerous artists and musicians.

Whether through his involvement in local organizations (he loved Santa Rosa County), charity work, or simply lending a helping hand to neighbors in need, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the well-being of those around him. His selflessness and generosity were unparalleled, and he leaves behind a legacy of kindness that will continue to inspire generations to come.  

Beyond his leadership roles, Sandy was the epitome of humility. Despite his numerous accomplishments, he remained a humble and down-to-earth individual, always putting others before himself. His ability to connect with people and make them feel valued was a testament to his genuine and warm-hearted nature.

One of Sandy's greatest gifts was his ability to touch the lives of thousands. As a mentor, friend, and confidant, he had a unique way of making everyone feel seen and heard. The impact of his kindness rippled through the community, leaving behind a legacy of love, unity, and a shared sense of purpose.

Some of Sandy’s favorite pastimes include fishing for bream and crappie with his close friends and growing tomatoes to share with those he loved.

Sandy was a beloved family man. He leaves behind his wife, Nancy; two children, Jeremy (Rilee) Wyatt and Rhonda (Billy) Mayne; two sisters, Tammy (Scott) Day and Shirley (Tom) Moody; nephew, Don Braley; and four grandchildren: Chase, Cameron, Cort, and Salter, who will forever cherish the memories of his wisdom, love, and guidance.  Sandy also leaves behind his sister-in-law, Lana (Mike) Martin; and brothers-in-law, Jimmy (Sharon) Howell, Stephen (Gail) Howell, and Gordan (Lana) Howell, who was like a brother to him – they were business partners for 40 years.  Sandy is preceded in death by his mother, Martha Carpenter; his father, William Wyatt; brother, Wade Wyatt; sister, Linda Sue Reeves; niece, Jennifer Bryant; and beloved grandfather, Morgan Wyatt.

Visitors are welcome to pay their honors at Immanuel Baptist Church in Pace (4187 US-90) on Tuesday afternoon, November 28, 2023, from 2:00 pm-4:00 pm.  A memorial service will be held immediately afterward at 4:00 pm with a private burial to follow on Wednesday, November 29, 2023 for family only.  Dress is casual – Sandy requested blue jeans and t-shirts.  

In lieu of flowers, please make donations to Santa Rosa Kids House (

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