Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Curtis Cook - Hospital

THIS From his sister, Carole Bryant of Pace:
Curtis (Class of '67) is in Sacred Heart Hospital. The Dr.'s are almost positive Curtis has Lymphoma and pneumonia. There is a mass in the middle of his chest between his lungs and has spread to the top left lung. Also there is a lymph node under his arm about the size of a golf ball. They will take out the lymph node tomorrow and do a biopsy, that should give them a better idea as to what they are dealing with. Curtis had all the symptoms of Lymphoma,Fevers,Chills, Unexplained weight loss, Sweats, Lack of energy, Itching. Keep him in your prayers (Carole will update) Room 227 At SH Hospital.


BUZZ CREEK said...

I talked to Curtis tonight on the phone. The pneumonia is a problem ... on top of the lymphoma. He was hacking a bit so I suggested that perhaps a few laps under the direction of Coach Bodenstein might help. Curtis expects to get some more info on this problem soon and fully expects that the chemo route is in store - he may need a ballcap to hold off the sunburn. Let's all stay in touch with Curtis. This stuff is serious but if anybody is tough enough to handle it -- he is.

BUZZ CREEK said...

from carole cook bryant ..
Just heard from Vicky, the pathologist come in and gave her a preliminary report.
Cutis has: Non Hodgkin's Lymphomas (better than having Hodgkin's lymph.
Med Grade Diffuse Large Cell is the type he has Start Chemo today or tomorrow (5 different drugs) then in 3 weeks he will have another round Today he will have a Cat Scan, Bone Marrow, Spinal Tap Will have a port put in Echo Cardiogram and Brain Scan came back normal - he has a brain Probably tomorrow we will find out what stage it is in from the biopsy Thank you for all your support and prayers. Carole says he'll likely be at SH through the weekend then come to her house for recovery.

BUZZ CREEK said...

Wanted to let everyone know Curtis is home (my house), he was very worn out. Yesterday and today he has been sleeping alot, they said that is due to the chemo treatment he had Saturday.
The only thing new they told us is the cancer is in his abdomen, so that means it is stage 3 out of 4 stages. Stage 3 means it is above and below diaphragm.
Thanks for all the cards and calls,

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Mr. Curtis and his having to fight that monster cancer, those that believe in God, please go to this website and read of the cure God has left us, his children. Then help our brother Curtis. The seed is planted, God Speed.