Saturday, July 09, 2005

Tommy's Sister, Penny is Stubborn!

3. TOMMY in Tampa: Well, as I said, "we are a stubborn lot." Sounds as if Penny, Paula (her daughter) and Tasha (her granddaughter) and Hunter (her great grandson, Tasha'a son) are going to hang at the homestead. I do not know what LeeRoy does for a living, but Jerry is retired from the Milton Fire Dept and works for an ambulance service. The reference in the last sentence refers to our son-in-law who is a paramedic/firefighter locally. Just last weekend on Sat he witnessed a motorcycle accident (he was off duty) and stopped to help the victim, and on Sunday at church an elderly man passed out in the parking lot, and there was Brian on his knees giving mouth-to-mouth. All in a days work (he was off duty Sunday also) though it is comforting to have his skill sets in the family, as I would probably pass out at the sight of blood.
2. PENNY, Tommy's Sister in Milton: What ya talking about??????????We took the last one serious. We'll let u know as soon as it's over. Thanks for the phone call. U guys take care too. Paula, Tasha, Hunter and I will be here. My friend and her daughter will probably be staying with us too. All of our husbands are working. Jerry has to go in about 10 tonight (Sat). LeeRoy about 3 in the A.M. and my friend's hubby is offshore. That's what happen's when you're in medical and law enforcement, as you very well know. Well take care and I love you. Penny
1. TOMMY, earlier from Tampa: I am with Clara Joyce Joiner---I still don't quite get the whole "blog" thing. I was just looking through the Chumuckla site, and read where Mrs. Burgess died-I assume that would be Robert (Bob) Burgess's mom? Robert and I went through all 12 grades together. We did a lot of our grocery shopping at Mrs. Burgess's store (never at Carnleys), but for really big occasions at Barnes in Pace or Piggly-Wiggly in Milton. I have tried to reach Penny and Jerry regarding Dennis but have not reached them. She swore after Ivan that she would not ride out another one, but we are generally a stubborn lot, so we'll see. I do feel badly for the folks in the Pensacola area-Dennis is not going to be any kinder or gentler that Ivan.

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