Friday, July 15, 2005

Mulat - Tinsley back in

FROM JON Tinsley in Mulat: Helen, Beth and her 3 boys and I were in a shelter at Pace in one of the schools. I don't know where the others were. we've been digging the rest of the limbs off us ever since.
FROM JOHN Platt in Houston:
Reportedly, Jon&Helen, Dorothy&Jack and Diehl are ensconced in a church somewhere on the Mulat Highway. Even though I have two Mulat/Avalon Beach "natives" (Kathryn & Toni) in
the house (in Houston) at this time, this is the only geographical information that I can develop to give to you.
THIS IS TYPICAL of post hurricane. Nobody knows where anybody is. A rare cell phonecall sometimes brings an update (vic).

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