Saturday, November 11, 2017



In the Eleventh Month, On the Eleventh Day, At the Eleventh Hour (Several special reads strung together.)

My Beautiful America - The Charlie Daniels Band (Official Video)

Mushrooms are full of antioxidants that may have anti-aging potential

Psychologists say more and more young people are entitled

‘It’s OK to be white’ campaign rankles higher education (but, "Black Lives Matter is OK.)

The best — and worst — master’s degrees if you want to make money

Gentrification is sweeping through America. Here are the people fighting back

Why trees shed their leaves

When The Football Comes Out, Who Watches The President?

U.S. soldier in Niger ambush was bound and apparently executed, villagers say

Power line repaired by Whitefish Energy fails, leaving millions without power — again ("None of the issues reported today with the outage have anything to do with the repairs Whitefish Energy performed," a spokesperson for Whitefish told Buzzfeed.)

That Bloodbath in the Old Dominion

The Louts and Dunces Party

How Europe Is Out-Trumping America

“The last resort of the competitive economy is the bailiff, but the ultimate sanction of a planned economy
is the hangman."
                ~ F. A. Hayek

Friday, November 10, 2017

Patricia Brandenburg Wariner 1951-2017

Born September 21, 1951 in Pensacola, FL, Patricia Brandenburg Wariner of Milton, FL left the
physical pain and discomforts of this world behind and moved onto glory November 8, 2017. She is preceded in death by her daughter Rachel Barlow and her parents Betty (Ed) Hattaway and Frank Brandenburg. She is survived by her sister Gloria Brandenburg Hughes and brothers Frank (Susan) Brandenburg and Bill (Carole) Brandenburg, numerous nieces, nephews, other relatives and special friends.
Patricia had a caring heart beyond measure. She was a selfless advocate for people with disabilities and served over 20 years with Community Transportation in Escambia and Santa Ross Counties. After retirement she became very active with the Genealogical Society of Santa Rosa County. She had a true love of genealogy and spent endless hours helping others with research, visiting cemeteries and documenting headstones. She served on the boards of Escambia and Santa Rosa genealogical societies and was a major contributor in volumes I and II of The Heritage of Escambia County, FL and The Heritage of Santa Rosa County, FL. Patricia was also inducted into the Florida Pioneers, Daughters of the Revolution, Daughters of the Confederacy and she really enjoyed her mornings with the guys of the Breakfast Club. She had recently developed an interest in photography and spent countless hours looking for the right angle and chasing the perfect shot. She enjoyed sharing these photos on Facebook and other social media.
Aunt "Trisha" was more than just an aunt to her nieces and nephews. She was a stand-in mom and faithful friend. She loved her family, she never forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday, no matter how many miles apart you might have been. She was proud of each accomplishment and celebrated each milestone. She had a positive outlook, was beautiful, fearless, fierce, strong and loving. She was a humble and gentle person with a beautiful smile, a wonderful sense of humor and a quiet steadiness that inspired others and she could definitely lower the "Hammer" when necessary. Losing her leaves a void for all her family. Nobody else will fill her shoes.
If you knew Patricia, you knew she was a University of Florida fan. Baseball, basketball, football, whatever...if the Gators were playing, she was watching and if you were around you were watching too. The Gator Nation has a new angel.
Pallbearers will be her nephews and great-nephews.
Honorary Pallbearers will be her nieces and great-nieces.
Trahan Family Funeral Home, 6539 Trammel Dr. Milton, FL is handling arrangements. Visitation will be Saturday, November 11th at 12:00 PM with services following at 1:00 PM. Pastor Michael Heisler officiating. Burial will be at Whitmire Cemetery.

From a renewed friendship -
Stephen Worthington (Frodo)

Patricia and I first met in the late 60's. We swept each other off our feet, and then I had to return to Alabama where I was living at the time. We were so young, and sure that life was never ending. We lost touch, but apparently, our time together had a powerful effect on us both, since we both thought of each other often through the years. Then not too long ago we found each other on Facebook, once again it had a powerful effect on us both, even though we were many miles apart. I told her that I had held onto two photos through the years, and every now and then I made an attempt to find her, just to see how she was, how her life had gone. We had both been through so much, as we all have, or will, if we live long enough, but we felt so comfortable even now as if somehow, we had always been connected, even though so far apart. Both photos have gone through a lot over the years, and are pretty damaged. I digitalized them some years back, and I had been working on this one, in hopes of returning it to her when we again met. It is still not finished, but I worked on it today so that I could post it on her page for her friends and family. This is that beautiful girl I met, so long ago, the one who found an endless place in my heart, and who grew up to be such a smart and giving woman who touched the lives of so many. I fell in love with you back then, and love you now sweet girl. This is how I will always remember you, as you were when we first met, at the beginning of our lives. Goodnight our angel...sweet dreams in the arms of God.


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