Sunday, July 10, 2005

R&V gone to PCS Shelter

R&V from Pace have evacuated to Pensacola Christian College. They expect the roof to go this time. Packed up clothing, but left contents of the house. Sale still not finalized - Corps of engineers met with them a couple of weeks ago, and buyer asked for another extension. I wonder if it will ever end.......//.(from Sister of R, in CA).// (Note from Vic) This is a case of an aged couple on a pioneer homestead that has problems selling because of EPA wetland issues. The wetland itself developed extensively only after the state highway department built up the roadbed in the 1940's, damming up a wet weather creek. The state made the wetlands and now penalizes the owners who need to sell it and resettle their lives in another home. After Ivan, they had to repair the old home and now it looks like they may have to repair again ... all this when after the sale is complete the home will be demolished. I wish you could sue the state for being stupid. And the EPA will not fine Hurricane Dennis for any of its damage to the environment. Go figure.

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