Wednesday, May 01, 2019

The Breakfast IDEA in Chumuckla


NO AGENDA - Visit - Have a Coffee
Coffee among friends
0900  THURSDAY - Community Center
Near the SCHOOL
A few of us have coffee at Chumuckla Community Center pretty regular. This week at 9AM Thursday. At 10 AM the Seniors arrive for daily visits and lunch. Come and have some coffee or visit a few minutes and meet a few people in the community. Some of the old timers often have great networks you might tap into. We have tried the "coffee" angle to give the community somewhere to visit for a bit and meet neighbors. We have no agenda.  But we may go back to our "old boy" breakfast in Pace or Milton routine soon if there is no interest in this time or place. Not many good spots to just "hang out" in Chumuckla. This one (Community Center ) Has a lot of pluses.

The usual folks and anybody else is very welcome.

Below are some of our regulars.
Always bring a friend - they are welcome

Some of the random - on and off again eaters are Stuart Pooley, Bill Lundin Jim Campbell James Kilcrease Jeff Nita Bohannon Adrian Enfinger Dickie Buoy Roy Allen Bonnie Holt Aubrey Penton Karen Gatewood Campbell Patricia Brandenburg Wariner, Brian Rucker, Scott Griffin. It is random. There is no agenda. Just coffee/ eat / talk. The above list is just typical. Nobody makes every time -. Bring a friend is OK.