Sunday, July 10, 2005

1645 Jason Reports on Mulat

He's in Tallahassee with his Mom and friends and family where they went for safety. Reports are in to him from Milton, Mulat. All the family is ok, but do not know the extent of properthy damages yet. Will have to get back and see. Jason's dad has not been heard from but he is Highway Patrol and probably has no time to contact family at this time. Because of communications, Jason could call his grandparents in a shelter at the Mulat Middle School and tell them exactly when to expect the very high winds near the eye wall. Some cars were damaged by flying gravel off a roof but nothing bad. The eye did pass right over Mulat. Jason is my nephew. His Mom's parents lost their home to Ivan and had just gotten ready tomove back in. Furniture was ready to uncrate after delivery to the house. We hope the surge did not undo all they did to fix that house as well as two others that were in that area and a part of Jason's Mom's family.

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