Sunday, July 10, 2005

From Bogia - up Escambia River

Hurricane Dennis is a catagory 4 storm with winds of 145 miles per hour, and strengthening. It is following Ivan's path, but it will probably be over faster. It has been called another Ivan several times. Not quite true. Ivan was a catagory 3 hurricane. This one is more like Andrew. People are saying it is going to set records as the first hurricane to hit in July, and the first catagory 5 hurricane to hit in the Pensacola area. It is supposed to hit in about six hours, and a few people are still evacuating. It is raining a little bit here, not much though. The good news is, few people have rebuilt from Ivan. It's hard to destroy rubble. Bad news is, few people have rebuilt. There are plenty of piles of houses left lying around, and it won't be pretty to be around them. People usually throw hurricane parties a night or two before it hits, but not this time. Everything is eerily quiet. Everybody has either fled to other states, hunkered down in a shelter, or hunkered down at home. A little bit ago, on the news, they were showing pictures of the eye acting oddly. It looked like it was breaking up and moving further north. Fox News is covering the hurricane every third story, and the Weather channel talks about it every hour, so you can probably check those and see what's happening. We'll send more when we can.
Jordan Ellis

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