Sunday, July 10, 2005

LANDFALL about 1400 EST

Looks like landfall on Santa Rosa Island South of Redfish Point and moving N-NW. It will cross directly over Mulat and Avalon Beach -- Probably graze Chumuckla and move on up to Brewton, Atmore and the Great State of Alabama. Well, The other end of the Redfish Point bridge is Garcon Point and Mulat (and it is toll free in that direction .. a plus for Dennis) .. a little East is Milton. Milton will get hit hard by the NE quadrant. Probably taking punishment right now. I just hope the wind blowing West will push water out of Mulat Bayou and not be so stong on the South side of the eye that it blows it all back in and floods Kathryn's house again. Plus, I hope her house holds up under the wind! After all, it is the eye wall ... the maximum wind power and she is only about a half mile up Mulat Bayou from the Bay. I dread this. I can imagine a LOT of people are dreading this.

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