Sunday, July 10, 2005

Back on Track to Perdido Bay - 10AM Sat

All the latest data from NOAA indicates the storm is back on track for Perdido Bay. This is NOT good news for Escambia and Pensacola Bays. The surge will go right up those bays and repeat the damge of Ivan last year. High tides will not help. Karen's Mom left for Houston two days ago. Bad traffic all the way, but at least out of the zone. She called from there last night. Ivan gave her house a 3 foot flood of the interior and it is only just recently livable again. The house is off Mulat Bayou and sits at least 100 + yards from the water. Mulat Bayou is off Escambia Bay where I-10 crosses. I-10 was, of course, wrecked by Ivan's surge ... which continued up the Bayou. I wonder if anybody is ready to give Florida back to the Spanish? After all, we got it cheap in the first place. Maybe the Spanish knew something. Maybe we can sue them for non-disclosure?

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