Monday, March 02, 2020

Avis Polk (Class of 46)

AVis P. Polk - June 22 - 1927 - Feb 27, 2020

She was born on June 22, 1927 in Laurel Hill, Florida.
Avis was the youngest of a large farming family. She moved to the Chumuckla community at a very young age, lost her mother Ada when she was only 16, and lost her father in 1964. She has lost all of her siblings over the years as well. She was the baby of her family and the last of them to leave us.
Avis graduated from Chumuckla high school in 1946, where she played the lead character in Cinderella in her senior year. She also taught 1st grade there for a short time the following year after she graduated. She married Jack Green in 1949 and raised a family of 5 children. They were a military family for more than 20 years, traveling to several duty stations along the way. After his retirement in 1968, they moved to the Pace community where they ran several produce markets.
She was as most mothers of her era, a stay at home mom. She enjoyed that part of her life, cooking, cleaning and caring for her family. She made sure we attended church and school regularly. If you did miss it would mean you had a fever or an obvious sore throat. You couldn’t get much over on her watch.
She did not learn how to drive until her mid 30’s. She had always been a passenger up until then. I don’t think she was comfortable at driving, since she only did drive about 20 years. She said that traffic made her nervous.
Avis moved back to the Chumuckla community in 1998, where she continued to live with her daughter and son in law, Donna and Danny, until her death. She was a member of the Chumuckla Community Church. She loved the group of ladies that met to do projects and enjoyed their other outings each week. She was very thankful for all of the ladies that were able to give her transportation to and from these outings as well.
She was preceded in death by her mother, Ada; her father, Oscar Gavin; two sons, Larry and Amos Green; all of her brothers: Gene, Alliston. Alton. Willie Gavin; and her sisters, Mary and Gladys.
She is survived by one son, Jimmy Green of Wooster, OH; 3 daughters: Reba (Peter) Peters of Lillian AL, Donna (Danny) Melvin of Chumuckla, and Shirlene (Steve) Kelly of Milton; 11 grandchildren; and 16 great grandchildren.
Visitation will be held from 12:30 p.m. until the funeral service begins at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 1, 2020 at Chumuckla Community Church.
Burial will follow at Elizabeth Chapel Community Cemetery.
We her family are very grateful to have the love and support of our good neighbors, friends and coworkers in our time of sorrow. She will be missed greatly and loved forever.Read Less

Friday, February 28, 2020

Uncle Vic's Fort MIms Inspired Scalp Tonic

ITCHY SCALP - Dandruff - Scabs - 
                             Bloody Pillow Spots -  Cracking Scalp

All problems I have.  I tend to have dry skin anyway.  And washing hair too frequently was a big cause of my dry scalp and flaking.  But Not washing enough left the dandruff and itching to build up too.   Some thirty years ago I began to try blending some easily found over the counter ingredients that could help my scalp.  After all this time, I am now comfortable with the formula I arrived at.  For now, I make it with the commercially available over the counter ingredients that include tea tree oil and mouthwash and witch hazel among other things.

The formula ingredients will be listed on the label.   But the percentages in the blend matter.  The ingredients each have their own purpose and contribute to a healthy - breathable - scalp  and control of  cracked skin and scabbing.

Uncle Vic's Scalp Tonic -
................ Inspired by the events at Fort Mims in 1813 
Price - $30 - shipping is free. Allow ten days. This is currently home-made.
At this time - hand mixed and bottled in 8 oz squirt top bottles. 

Send Check to Buzz Creek 6933 Martin Road  Milton, FL 32570
.............. or send email for paypal instructions  or questions to ...

Place 4 - 8 drops of tonic on top of scalp (using the squirt top to apply).  Massage the tonic into the scalp using a mild - blunt tipped - soft plastic brush. This spreads the thin tonic around the scalp. Use key drops on problem areas before the massage.   The alcohol and witch hazel in the formula help to spread out the tea tree oil (onto the scalp) . Tea tree oil is known for its therapeutic value - while the solution provides some extra antiseptic value.  Salicylic acid is included in a low concentration and helps to calm some of the itching. It is an analgesic.  A veterinary surgical scrub and wound dressing with chlorhexidine is in low percentage also . It adds greatly to antiseptic protection and is not affected by the other organic ingredients.   There is a mild medicinal odor to the treatment. This dissipates as the tonic dries out. The medicinal odor is mainly the tea tree oil.

Use 3-4 times a week. More early on if the problem is severe. Use it after  a shower so it has a chance to stay in place for a day.  IF possible wash your hair less often a few days while the initial treatments are taking affect.   My 8 oz bottles have lasted as long as 60 days or as little as a month.


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