Sunday, July 10, 2005

Gainesville, GA Report on Pace

I appreciate your emails! This storm is making me very anxious for everyone in the area. It is not looking good. Kittye said Leo and Mavis are with your mom. Kittye and Kurt are with Mom and Dad. (next door to my Mom - see earlier post from her cell call) Kurt says this is the last hurricane he will go through. I don't blame him. I wish I could have convinced everyone to come up here (Gainesville, GA). Of course, it looks like it may come our way as well. Kate came in from New York yesterday. Kimberly and Kevin were in Panama City until late Friday night. Dennis put a bit of a damper on their vacation. Kristen and Spencer are going to the Hotel Monoco(Kristen's employer) if things get bad in New Orleans. (From Cousin Faye in Gainesville - notes in () are Vic's).
.....The Pensacola Beach Blog just shut down. sure to lose power anyway and they needed to get out. See link from this blog.

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