Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More Damage Report 7-12

From Jeremy (Farmer's Opry)... We're ok Vic. Damage was nothing like Ivan. Paw Paw (Skeeter) lost his museum and has damage to his barn and shed in the rear of the house. We will be
helping him asap. I'll try to keep you informed.......
From Tom Carter (Tom Carter Photography)... We are blessed! Stayed in the trailer in the barn. Heard the howling winds. Louder this time. Lost 13 trees in the yard. Much damage to many businesses and homes. The telephones, amazingly, are working here! Got power back last night! Power lines down all over. Keena and Travis have a tree, which we had tried to save since Ivan, on their roof. I think we will be able to get it off without much damage. Am on a dial-up. Pics later. Like to hear from you. How did you do during and after "Dennis"? Send short messages, please. TomCarter@mchsi.com

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