Thursday, September 12, 2019


THIS FIRST EVER “TALK CHUMUCKLA” is a planned monthly program to let local people sit in a relaxed place and enjoy learning some of the interesting stories of the area - even the region as we progress.  Community members and regional specialists are encouraged to request billing for future gatherings (monthly?).  

We will adjust the program over time to adapt to the input and requests of our community attendees.

2-4 PM SATURDAY 9/14

  • Community Stories - Talent
  • Relax and learn
  • Visit - Ask Questions


    By Vic Campbell 
  2. Stuart Pooley was a country music groupie and is a poet - a couple of his featured poems from youtube.  (Hank Locklin)
  3. Audience Q & A
  4. Roy Allen - some family stories
A hoped for regular segment. Invited families will share some history.

Bring a cup of coffee and sit with us. Or bring a bottled drink.  We are using the old sanctuary of the old Chumuckla Methodist Church with the graces of Ms Marilyn’s Little Olives Childcare.  
Feel free to leave a small donation in the scholarchip jar that will be present and will go toward tuition for some of the “Little Olives”.   Please take your own cups etc with you on departure. We want to leave a clean auditorium for future use.
WE plan to record the program for future reference. It might become a podcast for “”. 

We express appreciation to Ms Marilyn Bowman of Ms Marilyn’s Little Olives for offering this venue to help our community keep a sense of “home” and “community”.    FACEBOOK LINK


Wednesday, May 01, 2019



NO AGENDA - Visit - Have a Coffee
Coffee among friends
A few of us have coffee in Chumuckla Jay or Pace when
we feel like it. IF you want to post a coffee visit - time and location.
on the Chumuckla group FB page
If people want to show up. They will. IF not. Be sure you have good coffee.

The usual folks and anybody else are very welcome.

Some people are regular. Others are just
random new people - usually new in the area.
It's all in good fun. Meet some people around you.

Saturday, April 06, 2019


A poster and canvas available of a found photo of Cuyler and Jim Campbell in Chumuckla in 1902.
You can order a large or small poster or a canvas print.  Enjoy. (use the link)

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Regional activities



From: Diane Merkel

Panhandle Historic Preservation Alliance members and friends:

The Chautauqua Hall of Brotherhood Foundation is sponsoring a Glamour Photo session to raise funds for the restoration of the historic Chautauqua Building. Tickets are only $9.95 and include a free 8” x 10” photo, makeup, hair styling, and more. The photo sessions will be on May 8 through May 11 at the DeFuniak Springs campus of Northwest Florida State College. Please call Voncille McLeod (850-892-7625) or Marie Hinson (850-830-9625) for reservations and information. What fun!



Diane Merkel
Panhandle Historic Preservation Alliance (PHPA)


Tallahassee – Reception and Lecture: “Spanish Culture Alive in Florida: The Impact of Spain’s Heritage Today” presented by the Consul General of Spain, Candido Creis Estrada, at Mission San Luis, 2100 W. Tennessee Street, 5:30-7:30 p.m. EDT – FREE -


Chipley – Rock the Falls Music Festival at Falling Waters State Park, 1130 State Park Road, 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. – $5 per vehicle park entry fee -


Pensacola – Pensacola Archaeological Society Annual Dinner at the Argo Athletic Club, University of West Florida Campus, 6:00 p.m. – Ticket Required -


Pensacola – The FPAN Public Archaeology Lab will be open Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. through May 1. Volunteers are not required to commit to more than one day at a time.


Pensacola – Jacksonian Guard Colors Ceremony in Plaza Ferdinand on Palafox Street the third Saturday of each month, 12:00-12:30 p.m.

UPCOMING EVENTSIf you want your events mentioned, send them to me! For more information about the events below, see the PHPA Calendar.

April 13 – Crestview – Strawberry Festival

April 16 – Navarre – Heritage Monitoring Scouts Meet-up

April 17 – Eastpoint – Lecture: “Pirates! The Last Scourge of the Gulf”

April 17 – Fort Walton Beach – Workshop: Interpretation of the National Heritage Area

April 20 – Pensacola – Lunch & Lecture: “Secrets of the Tale of the Christ: Ben-Hur, the Book and the Movie”

April 27 – St. Teresa – Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory Open House

April 27 – Santa Rosa Beach – Earth Day Festival

April 29 – Baker – PHPA Quarterly Meeting

April 30 – Crawfordville – Florida Panhandle Maritime National Heritage Area Meeting

May 4 – Century – Sawmill Day Festival and Car Show

May 4 – Crestview – Military Appreciation Day

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Remembering Franklin Enfinger

By Denise Fritz

Today makes 5 yrs from my Dad's passing....I know he's in  with our Father.
THIS may get long and I'm not apologizing if it does, but I CHOOSE not to Grieve today, instead I choose to remember things I've learned from him. He taught me so much in this walk in life.
WORK Ethics from a young age, pumping gas,⛽ working at our store Frank & Allen's! Cleaning trailers in our trailer park, cutting pickets, building fences, piers,🔨 pallets and so much more.  Learning to drive...a push mower, 🤣 finally a riding mower,🚜 then the truck (stick shift without power steering) only then, a car.🚗 I was fortunate that he provided a vehicle for me. When he told me he was buying a car, I thought wow, a new car!  To my surprise I got a brand new... that is new to me, a '66 Catalina in '77.  At first I hated it, 🤔 it took me on many rides to school, all my ball games & practices, college, and jobs.  Soon there were many adventures in this car because you could fit
about 8 teenagers in it comfortably!😁  I think this was a time I truly realized his sense of humor!!  Mike & Eddie can attest to this car I once ran out of gas ⛽ which was
MISTAKE #1....When your dad owned 2 stations, one of which was within a mile of your home and the other within a mile of school😱!!
In teaching me this lesson in life, he thought it might be a good idea to ride the bus again for several days.  This is when Mike & Eddie decided to help me out! While trying to put gas in the car it just wouldn't get to the motor due to the incline, a little gas ⛽ on
the carburetor might help. 
Well old cars had fiberglass insulated hoods and a little fire🔥ensued promptly burning any of the rubber hoses and who knows what else except for Mr. German!!
MISTAKE #2,  Again... don't run out of gas and the let your friend and boyfriend try to help you out!  I think Eddie is still traumatized, but he never said a word to either of them.  Following this incident my dad never raised his voice about the whole ordeal (which was sort of scary I thought) and I wake up with a cartoon taped to my door and at the very end it shows a guy tinkering on his car and everything in flames🔥!!
🤣HUMOR was a BIG Thing in my dad's life, this was just one in particular for me I guess, because by then I was the last kid at home. Most anyone that knew my dad had a funny story regarding his humor.  One of his many good traits.
Deciding he needed a new vehicle, into the dealership he goes after working outside, in the heat of summer in his t-shirt, tattered blue jean shorts and probably no shoes.  All the men thinking, he can't possibly buy what he was looking at, sending out a young lady fairly new to selling cars.....BIG mistake for them!!!  BIG commission for the young lady!😃
DADDY was a GENEROUS man and sometimes to a fault, but he tried to trust people. After all a hand-shake is good as a contract as far as he was concerned.  But I can't tell you how many people from school that worked in our backyard, whether it was sawing, hammering, or hauling in some form or fashion of a job.  Or even living with us from time to time, family or not.
HE NEVER Met a STRANGER, something I know for sure I inherited from him.  Some may think this isn't necessarily a good thing, but I've found in my life it truly has been.  After Mike joining the Air Force, with our moving around, meeting new people, making new friends, working as a nurse, it sure came in handy! I could go on, and on, and on, and I have.
SICKNESS!!  Unfortunately it happens and Daddy had a long time of it starting in ’91. We came close to losing him several times before it he finally passed on.  We all want our parents alive, here with us, but we also don't want to see them suffering.  Daddy was miserable not being able to get outside and just work, walk around, go, live untethered but breathing wasn't easy.  He'd head out sit in the chair and watch as  would delegate what and how to do what he no longer could.  He did love to delegate and he did a lot!
I think for me, having been a nurse, I get it.  I'm not saying it was easy for me to watch him deteriorate but I understood it.  I stayed with him those last minutes before his passing.
IT'S not easy watching others perform CPR on your on your dad, but I did, I ty watched furiously, 3 times, as he fought a valiant battle of wanting to stay on this Earth just a little longer. 
I'M thankful I was there,
I'M THANKFUL it took my mom a little longer to arrive, because she didn't want to have to say to the more and let the love of her life go.💕
AS I reflect, I Learned so much from him.  Trust, love, discipline (we won't go there😉), kindness, humility, generosity, humor, honor, and I could keep going but
THE MOST IMPORTANT thing though is LOVE!
The love of my dad, but more importantly the love of Our Heavenly Father.... for this I am eternally grateful to him and my mom!!!
Love you Dad!💕

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


The Save the Collards Foundation
is proud to support a world of conflict free collards.  Eat your collards in peace.  Drink the "pot likker" - not the "kewlaide".  InCountry  ME3tv (youtube channel) Jay Historical

AS advertised in the PX section of MILITARY (magazine -- see end of this post)


USS O'Callahan - a USN Veteran site for "green" sailors

USS Houston the LAST STAND ... in memory
........... more -- books

Save a Collard - Eat a Collard.
A public service message ....
Eat your vegetables

EARLINE's DOIN's   A blog you will thoroughly enjoy - and your grandma too
... her book  LIFE WITH THE TOP DOWN

ROY TALKS - He cannot see but talks. AND PAINTS.
He hopes to sign with Rust Oleum as his exclusive supplier of Rust Oleum BLACK !!
..................... Some of Roy's Art. Ask to buy some or commission yours special.

THE JCT197 Farm - 9019 Chumuckla Hwy (ACREAGE)
The Case for a Grocery in Chumuckla (Dollar General Committed)

WME3.NET  a time tunnel to other things (vic's youtube channel)

WD 40 can extend the life of your razor. 
Use it after every shave (on the blade).

BUZZ CREEK  (history and documentaries)
/////////// THE STORE of DVD's Books

CHUMUCKLA dot com - a place on earth.
CHUMUCKLA NEWS .. recent news

a Facebook window to more than a little

JAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - where surprises appear regularly

PANHANDLE PIONEERS - Florida Panhandle people looking at roots

Voted BEST News Feed (John Platt)
You need to get on the list for daily updates.

Pictures at Coon Hill


RIVER RESOURCES  salvaging logjams and much more sawmill work

JUDGING SHADOWS - a blog researching old unsolved murders in our very own backyard -- Florida Panhandle.

Dr. Brian Rucker - History ... Patagonia Press
FB Page. (History that is local)
More Books and Resources - local

Sharon Marsh - NW FLORIDA History Blog
IVO Duvall, "A Boy In Alaska"
A WW2 Vet and Alaska pioneer writer.
............... Ivo talks about the disaster of Convoy PQ17

TWO SITES I like for Wide Overview of News   and
The ONLY ad I place is in MILITARY (the magazine). 
A little insight to current world tensions -l  MILMAG-Inside INFO.

Cabeza DeVacca is HERE
First European to describe North America as he stumbled through Florida to Texas and California over a 9 year ordeal. He passed by Escambia Bay at one point. He and couple others were all that survived the ill-fated Narvaez expedition that started near Punta Gorda, FL. One of the most amazing tales ever told.

Learning --- more histories​Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education....Mark Twain

The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for 30 years she served my family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found....Calvin Trillin

Cucumber should be well sliced, dressed with vinegar and pepper and then thrown out....Samuel Johnson

Americans will eat garbage provided you sprinkle it liberally with ketchup....Henry James

Nouvelle cuisine, roughly translated, means: I can't believe I paid ninety-six dollars and I'm still hungry....Mike Kalin

My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people....Orsen Welles

Ad I place in MILITARY -- for Veterans Histories, personal interviews
DVD and youtube. Recommended Books.

Properties with acreage - or for development (Chumuckla / Mulat Bayou)
IN COUNTRY - a blog of a wanderer who may be lost or not.
Junction 197 - the book  (free download pdf,  audio)
Vic's BIO ..  email -- vic at buzzcreek dot com
Some Photos of the Family

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Lead .. or Follow .. by Tommy Nichols

From our editor, Tommy Nichols, this weeks editorial. From the PEA RIDGE POST
Its a very good read and I'm sure that you will like it too. Thank you Tommy for what you do.
Here's our story of the week.
Every since I was old enough to stand on my own two feet my father and mother pounded into my brother and I to be a leader and not a follower. I've been blessed to have such amazing examples of just what that is all throughout my childhood. Since age 3 I would watch my amazing local legend of a father go and lock himself into a room for hours on end to study to become the leader and success he has now become.
I saw my mother sacrifice time after time and give up on her dreams for those of my brother and I and do it all with a smile on her face and then go out of her way to take care of many a child in this community so they would have a chance in this mine field called life, she did it not wanting or demanding thanks or praise but because it was what was the right thing the AMERICAN thing to do and because her parents raised her to be a leader as well, those were my perfect examples of leaders.
As time would pass as always does I would watch my dad transform into the perfect definition of a leader. I would be watching TV at my dad's old office and he would walk in with many a random stranger and I would have to leave and would run to the next room to listen to them through the walls as they would talk and as I think back now how neat it was to have all these random people that would come to him for help and advice, why? Because he knew what he was talking about and because he was a leader in our little small town community.
My father would run for office, advise candidates, run their elections and be appointed by state representatives, senators and US Congressmen to many boards because these people knew what he stood for that he could be counted upon and there it is again, because they knew others looked up to him and respected his opinions because he was a leader.
Due to my parents my brother and I are what is sadly a rare case in this day and age, I am an independent and rely upon no one to guide me, tell me or show me what to do or what I should or how I should think! We live in a time where everywhere you turn there is something or someone screaming at you demanding you to fall into a certain category and God forbid if you go against it.
America use to be full of strong minded country first people's sadly those times have come and are long gone we are a land of the follower being lead by the hand and with a blindfold over our faces by those in this case is a political party, actor, talking heads on the television, social media and the worst of all the main stream media itself. Over time people have been beaten and broken down mentally and told you are not to stand up or stand out you are to be what my parents demanded me not to ever be you are to be a follower. No, not anymore we must return to the America of old where it was smiled upon and parents tried to teach their young as mine did to be the voice of the group and not just another voice in it.
Ask yourself why do they want all of us to just follow along with the crowd and be walking, breathing zombies we've now become? It's so the few at the top can maintain control, control of what you see, what you hear, what you think and what emotions you feel so they can use you anytime they so please be it for monetary gain or to help keep them in control politically a land of the follower is much easier to control than a land full of independent minded leaders! If everyone would instantly just stop following along mindlessly, blindly and opened up their eyes and stop believing anything that comes across on the idiot box and began to think, research and took a stand and began to lead and not follow can you imagine the euphoria that we as a nation could enjoy? Boy how great that would be!
A lot of our problems would be gone, especially in the political arena because we would not be the moronic shell we currently are and would not allow these people to push us around and use our brains and voice as they so please.
If we stood up and started thinking for ourselves and doing our own research instead of having some intern at CNN, MSNBC or FOX typing up what a small minority at the top tell them to and then have the soul less beings on the box read and shove into us to take as fact we would then be the one's with all the power and control.
There would be no more need for these slander TV political ads that are currently being shoved down our throats because we would know the real truth there would be no more nonfactual, unneeded, uncalled for name calling and hate speech from or to one political party to the other. It would simply be a brand new America where we the people are once again back in total control and can get back to the days of old back where being a leader is the "cool" in thing and not frowned upon and we can stop being that follower that my parents warned me all those years ago to never become.
We must raise our youth and teach them that it's ok to think for yourself and ok to disagree with others and just because you do you're not an evil person or a racist it's smiled upon to stand up and be what we so desperately need more of in the America of today, it's a good thing to be the leader!
Editor for the Pea Ridge Post

Monday, October 22, 2018

Helping around THE HOUSE - fixers and doers

These folks are between jobs and will help you fix, clean, paint your house  -- and do yard work to assist the homeowner.  

Allie and Van Sims ..

850 572-1798

They work very hard and get the job done.  They have done enough of their own repairs and help with others to know what they are doing. 

This recent work on a house and yard in Chumuckla was WELL WORTH what they charged.  

Contact them via their facebook page for now .....  CHUMUCKLA ROCKS. (She paints themed rocks for people and groups to buy for fun and gifting.) 

 Allie and Van Riggs Sims  FB Contact (messenger)

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

A Simple Piece of Fabric by Tommy Nichols

It's just a simple piece of fabric. It has three colors has thirteen stripes and fifty tiny stars. To the world, it's just another flag, but to us it's so much more. It may be of simple fabric, but the stitching that binds it together is made up of all Americans, past, present and future. 

One may say its the blood that has been spilled by our brave men and women that have fought and died for it, or one might say its the blood of all those that have stood against it and tried to forever erase it from this world! Our flag is not like the flags of other countries, yes, our flag may have some things in common with some, but the difference is we don't look at it as just a flag. No, when an American looks at our flag we see so much more. 

We see a small group of people who were willing to die for just an opportunity, nothing guaranteed, just a simple shot at being something this world had never known. We see a group of men who were willing to sacrifice everything from their homes to the lives of their families for this flag. A group of men coming together in hiding to place their knowingly treasonous signature upon a simple piece of parchment that would take a long sea voyage to our own oppressor to show we will no longer be held down. We see a small unorganized band of rag tag military young men and boys who wanted to fight the top military in the world for
the chance to wave this flag whenever they so chose. 

We see General George Washington riding high upon his noble steed while showing complete confidence, even in the most dreaded of times. We see our nation growing by more than half with the Louisiana Purchase from the French. We see Lewis and Clark, encouraged by manifest destiny, going out and conquering the unknown to reach our sister shore of the Pacific. When gazing into that red white and blue banner we see Abraham Lincoln giving a short little speech on what was a battlefield where many men had fought and fell for the freedom of our enslaved brothers and sisters. We See FDR creating The New Deal to help pull us from the depths of a dark moment in American history, The Great Depression and one by one every citizen pushing ahead knowing better days are on the horizon. 

We see the empire of Japan cowardly and viciously attacking our Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor in what they thought would break our backs and force us upon our knees, but in all reality the only thing it would do was spark a fire that till this very day still rages within all Americans, Admiral Yamamoto was indeed correct by saying" I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fuel him with a terrible resolve!" We see all races and all colors coming together to create a movement, a movement that would forever change this land for the better. 

We see Dr. Martin Luther King telling the world of his dream of all
races coming together as one to make this country even better and truly create what our founding father's were speaking of when they wrote those words that "All men are created equal" We see a flag that has faced many trials and tribulations and has overcome each and every time always for the better, we see a flag that will forever fly high into the heavens for we are a nation under God, we may not be a perfect nation, we may have our disputes and issues but we are one that is always going to do what is mortally correct we were raised with American values, these values are not something we take lightly no, generation after generation all American parents instill these into their children to continue to pass onward, they are very simple. 

Always stand up for the little guy, always try to do the right thing (though we are not perfect and there are times we may stumble, but just remember as long as we get back up, dust off and get back on the right path we will be fine!) , never start a fight, but be dang certain you finish it if it comes a calling, always respect your elders your parents and a man and always treat women as if on a pedestal! These aren't that hard to do and one would think all should do these simple tasks (oh how sweet a world this would be) But the sad thing is they don't, there are those that strive and live in that small dark area known as chaos, confusion, carnige and well, simply put just evil. 

When every American STANDS up squints their eyes, puts that right hand over their chest or our veterans salute and look skyward towards that oh so simple beautiful banner a waving in the wind,
that Red, White and Blue, we all get those very same goose bumps we all have the hair stand up right along with us on the back of our necks, why? It's all because of that idea that a few had so long ago that would blossom into this great, mighty land and because of the forever fight to keep that idea alive the sibling struggles we'd have thru the years all the growing pains of a nation and because of all the great people we have loved and lost that have fought for this land and that very flag along this journey. 

So when asked what do you see when you look at our flag? The answer is very simple, as simple as can be, WE SEE AMERICA! This is what these Americans see when they see our nation's flag! 

Chris Horn: A new start, hard work and dedication.
Christian Perry: Honor most of all.
Jonathan Phillips: Freedom for all.
Robbie Coffield: Soldiers that fought for us and then would never come home.
Frank Trommlen: I see a country that has given my family so many opportunities and freedoms!
Kristin Bolton: I see and feel pride!
Chris Hilburn: Freedom and the blood of our soldiers.
Felicia Norris: I see people standing together as one.
Travis Cantrell: Pride, freedom and dedication.

Nick Carr: Home, sacrifice, dreams, freedom, and ‘MERICA!
Matt Mertins: Freedom, sacrifice, bravery, and simply said GREATNESS!
Cody Martin: Thankful I was born here and not someplace else!
Dylan Hesser: The only word, HOME!
Garry Swanson: The pain of the Boston massacre, Pearl Harbor,

the Twin Towers and more. 

I see pride in what occurred after them as we all would come together and put aside all our differences to first mourn then to fight back with a vengeance and overcome!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Matt Dobson - Catching Cricketts

Matt Dobson is an author of several faith based books. This one is a new road for him. It is an Historical Romance and it involves the long disappeared community of Coon Hill near Chumuckla. You can sense the reverence he has for his roots in this area and the appreciation for the pioneers of Coon Hill. Contact Matt to find his book ... which is also available from Amazon.

Matt's roll in raising funds to restore the Coon Hill Cemetery has been an example of community spirit and giving. An Annual 5K Run for the Cemetery raises funds to repair damage and maintain the historic place. 

Here - Matt is awarded an IRISH BLESSING from a Navy Veteran for his work as an Army Chaplain. Presented at Coon Hill.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

NEED Some Fresh Contributors

This Blog has been around for a lot of years. One of the great advantages of the blog is that it can reference any post easily and be re-posted to ANY social media by a simple link.  IT is as easy as a word processor. As easy as Facebook. Posts here are OFTEN shared to Facebook or Twitter.

IT becomes a superb base repository for news and events of the community. Essays (columns), photos, videos, obituaries and other interesting and informative local items are encouraged.
(I've grown a little slack on obituaries lately - its easy - just cut and paste a link to the funeral home or newspaper link or copy and paste the info).

 IF YOU HAVE some interest in helping inform the CHUMUCKLA community and those who care about it, let have your email to get you on the team.

Having ten or twenty contributors is NOT a problem.

Not many rules except to follow the usual social media courtesies. I try to keep this blog free of politics but basic ballot information is encouraged.  There are a lot of social media sites that excel in political debate. Use those to extend those discussions.

Are you game?  Send your email so we can get you on the team.

IF you feel you can help improve the presence of the website (which is a WSYWIG free site provided by Google for free) - let me know.  A little time once every week or two or even every month or two can be a big help to the community. IF you are interested in it ... you can figure a lot of other people are too.

Vic - at
(which is a link to a post on this blog actually)