Sunday, July 10, 2005

Pensacola - Milton 1430 CST

Dennis is moving inland and high wind and heavy rain near the wall are now pounding the neghborhoods in Pensacola West of the I-10 Bridge entrance. Trees are bending a lot now and Jim's fence is blown down. At same time, Milton reports the wind and rain are not yet extreme. I told M. to give it about 10 minutes and the wall will be hitting them. They are a few miles North of the Pensacola Neighborhood where Jim is. Milton may be on the East side of the wall and where Jim is in Pensacola (a mile off the Bay near I-10) is on the West Side. Mulat/Avalon Beach are dead center. I guess Jon Tinsley's Ham Radio in Mulat is probably out of the question until the weather passes. M. said the wind is down to 120 mph now ... a good thing .. going to CAT III and about 15 mph less now than when Ivan hit.

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