Saturday, July 09, 2005

From FW Beach 9PM CST Saturday

Please pardon any typos etc. I'm typing with my thumbs on my blackberry -Everyone here is shaking their head in nervous disbelief that this is happening again in less than a year!!! This is the same headshake (along w/ a corporate groan that went through the living room when the family was watching TV the other night and saw Jim C. From the Weather Channel brodcasting from P'cola Bch.) Mom just finished talking to some of the family in Waynesboro, MS - they are already reporting a tree down etc. You can hear the occasional gust - guessing around 30 mph now. It is now dark - at least this one will come through in daylight vs. Ivan's night time visit. I have 33 pics available on my Palm. Sorry it takes so long for me to type.RT .. in Fort Walton Beach.

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