Friday, July 08, 2005


Tell Mary Jo that if she knows any radio amateurs, they might be able to get "Health and Welfare" info from the stricken area after the hurricane. If it hits us, I will be off the air because I don't have reliable emergency power, plus, if it's like IVAN, I would be lucky to find out how people are. Plus, Helen will kil me ifI'm out in the radio room

And I decided not to buy a generator because, I have a small one and it's the devil to keep them running when you never use them. Maybe I should go crank it up. Otherwise, she will get more broad based reports than we will if we are really in it.

I use the NOAA web site to get the info on the hurricane without the commercial hysteriacal spin the news media adds. NOAA is the agency originating the info everybody else is spinning.

Right now we could get a Cat IV!!!!! But, the probability of it hitting anywhere from NO to St Marks is about the same. We just happen to be in the center of the band. Ivan showed us that a hurricane can side-step just before landfall, anyway.
(This from Jon Tinsley in Mulat)

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