Sunday, July 10, 2005

1630 Pensacola done - Chumuckla still in it

Jim reports lots of fierce wind for 30 minutes (this was the edge of the wall) and they have a lot of tree damage but so far see no trees down. Are going out in a drizzle to check up and down the street. It calmed down pretty fast after the wall passed by. They are pretty sure they are not in an eye since there is no blue sky overhead. He took the report from Chumuckla where at this point the wind is still very fierce but about over - they think. There are two trees down in the pasture and for a time there, they were afraid the windows were going to blow in so they cracked some windows to relieve pressure but the wind still rattled pretty hard. The barn is torn up a good amount, but then, it had never been repaired from Ivan. Just as well. Mom's roof had just been completed two days ago (from Ivan damage). Am hoping it held ok. The main thing is the storm was a pretty concentrated core. Once the eye and its close packed energy passed by it was over pretty fast and quiet. We still await what happened in Milton and Mulat.

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