Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Progress Is Slow

Ivan, Dennis, Katrina --- people here are sick of hurricanes. With Katrina past, we are now into the peak of hurricane season. HA! Take THAT Carbeza DeVacca who wrote the first narrative history of the New World and was one of 4 (out of about 600) who survived the expedition in North America (which included this area of the Gulf Coast).
Much has improved here from a year ago after Ivan. Dennis messed up some more but as these things go .... there is stability now in Pensacola and area. People are awed by the damage in Nawlins. Many many people here who are just recovering from Ivan and Dennis are providing relief to Katrina refugees. One lady who works with my brother at NAS Pensacola, has taken in over 20 family and friends out of Nawlins who no longer have a home. One of our neighbors in who has a combined income less than $40K annual and lives in a FEMA Trailer while his own 1000 sq ft home is under full blown repair work ... is offering a displaced family space until they can get more facilities available. Churches are taking in people all over the region. The Govt can only do so much - and in the short term the fastest help is neigbors helping neighbors as best they can.
Meanwhile, I have made some progress on one barn and have plans underway for the other. Moms roof is new since I was here and her place is about buttoned up. I do need to chisel plow around the house and barns to prepare the ground for reseeding and re-make the roadways into the farm and house from the highway. My Mother-in law needs some help but mostly her flooded home has been put back in order except for one room.
It is a big challenge to handle all these crises by people in their 70's and 80's. I am glad I can help if only a little.

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