Monday, September 26, 2005

Back in NJ For Now

Interesting trip to say the least. The Florida Gulf Coast remains a target but I can't solve that problem without a lot more time discussing the price of oil in China and the solution to world peace with my 5 AM coffee club at the Tom Thumb at Chumuckla Crossroads. So, I am back in New Jersey.
I agreed again to put the Sussex County Community College, student newspaper together. Last year, in the Fall, I managed to put out four or five of them from my virtual location in Milton, FL. This year, I was only gone for two weeks and the next issue was not due until I got back. We don't get many hurricanes in NJ, so you would think putting out a campus newspaper from Sparta would be simple. But, alas my computer's Window's XP video drivers were destroyed by a video game my son downloaded on my computer. He will survive, and the therapy will probably do me a lot of good.
The barn is not yet done 'down home' but is near. Scott, who is doing the work is one of my favorite personalities (I hope to tape him one day for Last year he was arrested for having a half dozen loggerhead turtle shells in his posession. He was cleared. They were not endangered and they are not restricted. However, the courts did not relase the shells to him after he was acquitted. I think maybe one of the lawyers needed a wall display for his rec room. I am ordering a few more sheets of tin from South Alabama Metal Works in Brewton, today. That should let Scott finish the barn. More later. I am about to go tape a philosophical point of view by Dr. L. Harte, here in Sparta. Instead of preaching about taking care of teeth after taking Alex's braces off, he gave a 3 minute philosophy of life that I consider to be one of the most succinct and direct sets of instructions for living I have ever heard. So look for it soon on

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