Friday, October 02, 2020

LAND FOR SALE - CHUMUCKLA (Campbell) (Salter) and MULAT (Gatewood)

 Sakter Property nice lication


Here are properties in my family or my wife's family that are for sale.  the Avalon Property on and near Mulat Bayou is under McIntosh Realtors .   The below aerials provide a wide overview of the property for you to determine you want to know more.    For the Chumuckla Property - contact Vic Campbell. Text 850 994 6120 . (email 

    For the Mulat Property contact Nathan McIntosh Realtor. 

This is being marketed by the JL Campbell Family under Trust Junction 197, LLC
The 20 and 14.5 Acres are suitable for a maximum of 3 residential homes. Tax on all 60 acres remaining as ag is about $2300
Home size restrictions will apply. 
Text Vic Campbell 850 994 6120 to learn more.
This is not listed with a realtor. But your realtor can talk to me. 
More on these properties - though some is dated

The properties below are in Avalon Beach between I-10 and Mulat Road.  The Gatewood family is divesting of estate property in two locations . Both locations are handled by McIntosh Realtors.
I believe the property on Mulat Bayou (7 Acres) is a superb potential for a long heritage private estate. It also has potential for add on property as time passes with adjacent property.

The future for the property could involve keeping the perfectly livable cottage or renovating it or living there until an estate home is built.  The value of the cottage is NOT added to the price. Essentially the family decided to value it at $0 dollars. THE LOCATION IS THE THING.

Taxes on bayou acres about $1900. ON 35 acres N, about $2600. Each has a house with it.

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