Sunday, November 19, 2023

2023 Santa Rosa Creek Fest

Nov. 18-19 the Creek Band of Santa Rosa County briught their culture to life. The band also, for the first time. Re-enacted the "Battle of Chumuckla" (essentially a skirmish to flush out some hostile Creeks that only recently had evaded and survived the Battle at Horshoe Bend.  Americans and their allied Indians fell upon the Chumuckla village. The main target in the villae was 9 renegades that did not accept the peace treaty. The last were eventually cornered in Pensacola and were killed. One source says the surviving village members were sent by the Spanish to Galveston, Texas. Many of the local band escaped calture and their bloodlines are still among us.
The Battle and more from the day are featured in the ALBUM linked here. Video included.


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