Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The Save the Collards Foundation is proud to support the following human efforts - and sometimes the other creatures that help. Our collards are conflict free.

BUZZ CREEK  (history and documentaries)

CHUMUCKLA dot com - a place on earth.

WME3.NET  a time tunnel to other things

IN COUNTRY - a blog of a wanderer who may be lost or not.

ROY TALKS - He cannot see but talks

ME3TV - a Facebook window to more than a little

JAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - where surprises appear regularly

Santa Rosa Genealogical Society, FB

PANHANDLE PIONEERS - Florida Panhandle people looking at roots

USS O'Callahan - a USN Veteran site for green sailors

USS Houston the LAST STAND ... in memory

RIVER RESOURCES  salvaging logjams and much more sawmill work

TEKTON Mill Works -- milling lumber to spec and more

JUDGING SHADOWS - a blog researching old unsolved murders in our very own backyard -- Florida Panhandle.

Save a collard --- eat a collard.  These are the things that make life.

A public service message ....

I am confident the "Jayden k Smith" and "Anwar" viral hack  warnings are themselves viral "tags" that help hackers thread through all your friend list when you copy and paste and send the warning messages. It is happening far too often to be normal. 

Obviously we can all be vigilant and vet all friend requests before approval. It is easy to report fake profiles to Facebook ... and sooner is better. Approving a fake friend can open your friend list to be farmed. 

Nearly all friend farming on Facebook does not cause your account to be damaged. Their big objective is to gain views and clicks in subtle ways that drive up the value of ads in their pages. Facebook is a great tool and is the new communication engine, often replacing email which became spam central.  Be safe out there!  A courtesy message from savethecollards.com


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