Friday, November 10, 2017


The Save the Collards Foundation is proud to support the following non violent efforts -. Our collards are conflict free.

BUZZ CREEK  (history and documentaries)

CHUMUCKLA dot com - a place on earth.
CHUMUCKLA NEWS .. recent news

photos AIR
More Aerial Photos over Hwy 197 etc.

WME3.NET  a time tunnel to other things

IN COUNTRY - a blog of a wanderer who may be lost or not.

THE BOOK BY VIC and friends JCT 197
free to download pdf.

ROY TALKS - He cannot see but talks

ME3TV - a Facebook window to more than a little

JAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - where surprises appear regularly

PANHANDLE PIONEERS - Florida Panhandle people looking at roots

USS O'Callahan - a USN Veteran site for "green" sailors

USS Houston the LAST STAND ... in memory
...........MORE -- books and DVDS
                                            suggested by Uncle VIc

RIVER RESOURCES  salvaging logjams and much more sawmill work

TEKTON Mill Works -- milling lumber to spec and more

JUDGING SHADOWS - a blog researching old unsolved murders in our very own backyard -- Florida Panhandle.

Dr. Bryan Rucker - History ... Patagonia Press

Sharon Marsh - NW FLORIDA History Blog

IVO Duvall, "A Boy In Alaska"  A WW2 Vet and Alaska pioneer writer.
............... Ivo talks about the disaster of Convoy PQ17

SNOW and other RELAXING Videos
SNOW PLUS POEMS - relax with snow
Air Shows and Genius Monologue ... out there.
A HISTORY OF NW NJ - by Debra Natyzak -- and more histories
Some of my favorite histories - Cabeza DeVacca is here and more. (P.3) (P.4)
Some Books I recommend ...

Voted BEST News Feed (John Platt)

Save a collard --- eat a collard.  
These are the things that make life.

A public service message ....

Eat your vegetables

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