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Lena - and Memories of Chumuckla

"In Remembrance"

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This was the last photo I made of the Old Gin, in Feb. 1972
"Once full of life, now sat in silence"

The Era of the Cotton Gin was over. The spirit once felt by everyone was no longer there. Like a burning candle that no longer lights the darkness. It was now over and done.

Old Gin,You are remembered. Old Gin, You are missed.
Nothing can ever take the rightful place you held in the heart of the Chumuckla Community.

The Good Ole days
"Part I"

The Chumuckla Cotton Gin was a "highlight" in it's early years.

People would acutally travel a great distance to the area just to see it in operation.

There was always a hustle and bustle when it was time to "gin cotton.

During the day it was a very busy place. At night it was all lit up and noisy but with all that brought the
curiosity and excitement, especially for me. I was very young when I first saw the cotton gin and I think because I was a child the lights and the noise attracted me. After a while the sound was a comfort to me and I enjoyed it.

With the process of bailing cotton late at night, sometimes very late, you would think the noise would keep you awake but this was something that became second nature somehow.

At night while listening to the sound of the cotton gin, it became my lullaby and I would drift off into a peaceful sleep.

In Memory Of: My Parents
Joseph & Blanchie Pendleton
"Residents of Chumuckla

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ca 2012 - Lena Langham (Myrtlene Pendleton) Exploring Santa Rosa History


Chumuckla School-Memories By: MPL38

"I'm back"

"Our 50th Class Reunion for 1958"
This is for the memories of all my classmates, celebrated-4-26-08

"My Personalized Indian Mandella"

I was honored to receive this oil painting made for me some years ago. With the History of Native Americans living in and around Chumuckla, I can't think of a better place to show it off than right here on
"A Place Called Chumuckla".

Fifth Grade, Class, 1951, sweet memories. I loved going to school.
In this photo, I am on the top row, third person from the right.
Our teacher, Mr Winoker is standing to the far right on the top row.

"My Chumuckla School"

This was the only school I attended from 1946 to 1956 and then
I moved away. I have so many happy memories that I can't explain the
meaning of how much those memories have meant to me on this
page for lack of space. Perhaps later on I can share a lot more.
"This photo was made in 1972"

Copyright © 2009 Myrtlene P. Langham. All rights reserved

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