Sunday, October 30, 2016

CHUMUCKLA CLASSES (2) for id - ca 1939?

Chumuckla School Classes ca 1939 - From Willard Davis Collection

Thought to be ca 1937.  These two photos (Prior post is photo 1) were found in the affects of Willard Davis after his death. Alas we need some clarification of who the people are.  

FB - conversation from earlier (please feel free to comment below or on fb) 
Gail Allred Top row, l to r, sixth child, fourth girl, is my mother, Maunette Hayes. The girl directly in front of her is Opal McCall. Mother was born in 1931. This picture was taken about 1939.
Gail Allred I believe that the seventh child, top row, l to r, may be Erma Ruth Stewart. Somewhere in the photo will probably be Donald Stinson and Jean Enfinger and Doug's mother.
Lynn Luker Atkins Omgoodness! Momma! My heart is so full right now! Sweet picture!!!
Vic Campbell Sharon Lee Pinckard your mom may be in these
Sharon Lee Pinckard I'll forward this to her. Thanks

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