Sunday, October 30, 2016

CHUMUCKLA CLASSES for id - ca 1937?

Photo from Willard Davis Collection ca 1937? Chumuckla School

Thought to be ca 1937.  These two photos (next post is photo 2) were found in the affects of Willard Davis after his death. Alas we need some clarification of who the people are.  Doug Davis reports the tall lady in the back of this group is said to be Mrs. SIMMONS.  Her husband may have been a teacher there as well, or perhaps principal?  They lived in the old house that Homer  and Minnie Burns lived in before a fire there caused it to need replacement in the 1960's.  At intersection of Ed Enfinger Road - past the school.  Family are trying to identify those in the photo. You can see this photo in a larger version by just clicking on it.   If logged into google you can comment below.  An earlier comment on fb by Gail Luker Allred.  is here -- " I'm pretty sure that the fourth child, top row, r to l, is Ruth Wynell Salter. The teacher may be Mrs. McCaskill. Aunt Ruth Wynell was born in 1928."

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