Saturday, May 28, 2005

Update on Heritage Book II

This from Joyce Penton Schnoor:

This old redneck country girl lost her dictionary in Hurricane Ivan -- just what is a "blog?" I know what a "bog" is but some of these new computer terms puzzle me. HA.

We are about finished with the topical section of the book and it should be ready to be picked up by the publisher within a week or two. A long time ago you wrote that it would be OK to use several of your stories in the Chumuckla Book in Volume II.

You let us use your story "Old Soldiers Never Die..They Just Go For Another Haircut," page 135 Volume I. Reading it again made me think about Leon Hinote -- he had to have open heart surgery several months ago and his sister is staying with him to help take care of him. (Rudy Hinote's wife, Joan told me that he is getting so that he can not cut hair now.)

The following stories would be easy for me to retype and list you as the author. I think they could be submitted as they are written. If you have plans to reprint your book then I will understand if you do not want the stories in Volume II of the heritage Book.

These are the stories which we would like to use if you don't mind.

1. The Veteran Comes Home (note: I was sorry to hear about Mrs. Burgess passing away)
2. "Doc" Retires
3. Skeetersonian Museum of Chumuckla
4. Santa Rosa Has the Best Oysters
5. Etiquette at the City Cafe
6. Politics in the City Cafe
Vic permits any use Joyce wants for publication from his book or chapters.
This is the first I knew of Mrs Burgess' death, or Leon's heart surgery.

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