Saturday, May 28, 2005

Heritage Contribution

RE: Junction 197: Maybe one day ... I'll reprint a hard copy but more likely a new collection. I dream of doing a 'follow up' book. Whatever happened to xyZ? If i can find the files for the stories below, I’ll email them to you. Check for name spellings. I know I blew a few of them.............. And places too. You would not believe the story of publishing that book and how all the errors were corrected three days before the manuscript was to go to press. And the editor's notebook computer with all the fixes was stolen along with their brand new SUV! aarrgghh. But, hurricanes are worse! Right?

I saw Leon last fall when down on Ivan duty. He was at the memorial park with his daughter. Poor Leon, he looked in bad shape and then every 15 minutes the speakers play "TAPS". He was there for a good 20 minutes and melted to tears every time Taps played. Dad used to love to go to Leon in his final years. And Leon would come to him at the end to cut his hair. He even goes to the mortuaries to be sure veterans have their hair cut well for their funeral.

I should have taken his picture there ... formally. I did capture him and his daughter in the background of another shot before I realized it was he who was there.

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