Sunday, November 04, 2018

Lead .. or Follow .. by Tommy Nichols

From our editor, Tommy Nichols, this weeks editorial. From the PEA RIDGE POST
Its a very good read and I'm sure that you will like it too. Thank you Tommy for what you do.
Here's our story of the week.
Every since I was old enough to stand on my own two feet my father and mother pounded into my brother and I to be a leader and not a follower. I've been blessed to have such amazing examples of just what that is all throughout my childhood. Since age 3 I would watch my amazing local legend of a father go and lock himself into a room for hours on end to study to become the leader and success he has now become.
I saw my mother sacrifice time after time and give up on her dreams for those of my brother and I and do it all with a smile on her face and then go out of her way to take care of many a child in this community so they would have a chance in this mine field called life, she did it not wanting or demanding thanks or praise but because it was what was the right thing the AMERICAN thing to do and because her parents raised her to be a leader as well, those were my perfect examples of leaders.
As time would pass as always does I would watch my dad transform into the perfect definition of a leader. I would be watching TV at my dad's old office and he would walk in with many a random stranger and I would have to leave and would run to the next room to listen to them through the walls as they would talk and as I think back now how neat it was to have all these random people that would come to him for help and advice, why? Because he knew what he was talking about and because he was a leader in our little small town community.
My father would run for office, advise candidates, run their elections and be appointed by state representatives, senators and US Congressmen to many boards because these people knew what he stood for that he could be counted upon and there it is again, because they knew others looked up to him and respected his opinions because he was a leader.
Due to my parents my brother and I are what is sadly a rare case in this day and age, I am an independent and rely upon no one to guide me, tell me or show me what to do or what I should or how I should think! We live in a time where everywhere you turn there is something or someone screaming at you demanding you to fall into a certain category and God forbid if you go against it.
America use to be full of strong minded country first people's sadly those times have come and are long gone we are a land of the follower being lead by the hand and with a blindfold over our faces by those in this case is a political party, actor, talking heads on the television, social media and the worst of all the main stream media itself. Over time people have been beaten and broken down mentally and told you are not to stand up or stand out you are to be what my parents demanded me not to ever be you are to be a follower. No, not anymore we must return to the America of old where it was smiled upon and parents tried to teach their young as mine did to be the voice of the group and not just another voice in it.
Ask yourself why do they want all of us to just follow along with the crowd and be walking, breathing zombies we've now become? It's so the few at the top can maintain control, control of what you see, what you hear, what you think and what emotions you feel so they can use you anytime they so please be it for monetary gain or to help keep them in control politically a land of the follower is much easier to control than a land full of independent minded leaders! If everyone would instantly just stop following along mindlessly, blindly and opened up their eyes and stop believing anything that comes across on the idiot box and began to think, research and took a stand and began to lead and not follow can you imagine the euphoria that we as a nation could enjoy? Boy how great that would be!
A lot of our problems would be gone, especially in the political arena because we would not be the moronic shell we currently are and would not allow these people to push us around and use our brains and voice as they so please.
If we stood up and started thinking for ourselves and doing our own research instead of having some intern at CNN, MSNBC or FOX typing up what a small minority at the top tell them to and then have the soul less beings on the box read and shove into us to take as fact we would then be the one's with all the power and control.
There would be no more need for these slander TV political ads that are currently being shoved down our throats because we would know the real truth there would be no more nonfactual, unneeded, uncalled for name calling and hate speech from or to one political party to the other. It would simply be a brand new America where we the people are once again back in total control and can get back to the days of old back where being a leader is the "cool" in thing and not frowned upon and we can stop being that follower that my parents warned me all those years ago to never become.
We must raise our youth and teach them that it's ok to think for yourself and ok to disagree with others and just because you do you're not an evil person or a racist it's smiled upon to stand up and be what we so desperately need more of in the America of today, it's a good thing to be the leader!
Editor for the Pea Ridge Post

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