Tuesday, April 17, 2018



.... You or the next person who finds the rock that you photograph and then pass-forward might be up for a small prize (see below) .  
Look for hints when you post a photo of your rock at the CHUMUCKLA ROCKS FB page

As an alternative you can email your photo and a short description of your find to vic@buzzcreek.com. We will post if for you. We won't post private information and only your name if you agree to it.

To enhance the experience of a FINDER -  take a digital photo and post it with a brief note about the area where you found it or what you learned from the rock: maybe a store area or a community location.  Enjoy it a few days and then "re-gift" the rock to a random location that is not hard to find so someone else can enjoy the FIND.  Or use one of the photos from the fb page to repost.

Every month or so, all the posts to the page will be collected and a random poster will be selected to win a modest prize - like a book from the Jay Historical Society or some interesting item.  

Good luck and enjoy the fun.  Here are some examples

FYI Local Authors and History

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