Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Much history this month, 200 years ago. RIGHT HERE. Read the following blog post. Note the Montgomery fort mentioned is not the Montgomery we know now, but a Fort near the Fort Mims ruins and Stockton, Al. RIGHT NOW in NOVEMBER, the Chumuckla Indian village was about to be attacked. Jackson's main army is marching toward New Orleans, having discovered information in Pensacola that the British were sailing with an army out of Jamaica to attack there.

At that point in time , The Redsticks had made Mess of things and allied with the Brits. The White sticks and other tribes wanted nothing to do with that or Tecumseh's Shawnee religion. THE 1812 war alliances and the 1813 Fort Mims massacre began a shift in American policy and public opinion away from assimilation and toward removal. All the tribal alliances with Jackson at the time were not enough to overcome the shift in thinking. Jackson, on becoming president, took an opportunity to lock in Democtratic Party power by removing the Indians to make way for settlers and the future of his party in the South.

Crockett at Chumuckla Springs


More video with History  from Uncle VIc

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