Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chumuckla Redneck Christmas Parade has been canceled?

Chumuckla Redneck Christmas Parade has been canceled For this year? Do not have more information.


Anonymous said...

Well, I for one, think it is a good thing. It became an embarrassment of white trash and drunk ten year olds wandering around littering over all the roadways in the community, to raise enough funds for what? ... some ball team uniforms and a few toys for poor kids, many whose parents spend their support payments on alcohol and drugs leaving the kids with no joy. Many need the help from the funds the parade generated but maybe there is a better way. People could no longer tell the world they were "from Chumuckla" without the high risk of people relating to the trashy people blighting the parade and incorrectly identifying residents as the white trash . I encourage the community leaders to find another venue to bring some dignity back to our area.

Anonymous said...

Word is out at N Escambia .com that the Athletic Association cancelled it after realizing it had become a drunk fest an lost all of its original fun and meaning. They will be finding new ways to raise funds without attracting white trash out of Pensacola.

Unknown said...

I've attended it twice and had a blast both times. Sadly tho it was getting out of hand. Maybe if they kept it a family friendly and had no alcohol but I know that would hard to enforce.
Now people may realize that because of their own actions, this is the end result.