Thursday, December 06, 2012

Redneck Parade vs White Trash

Doug the farmer in Chumuckla is hoping to keep white trash drunks off his folk's property as the Rednecks hold their parade. He put up some PRIVATE PROPERTY signs today and will press charges on anyone who trespasses.  His dad chased down a drunk who was spinning around in the rye field behind - destroying the crop last year.  This year Willard (Dad)  is in nursing care with a stroke, and Doug's mom is house-bound (doing better). Doug is disabled himself - so he put up the signs today. Doug says the parade is supposed to help the community people ... HA ! It probably does but at a price. And for all the veggies and help Willard and Doug give away to help less fortunate in the community from their own garden --- they will of course see nothing from the wonderful charity of the "Redneck Event". Not that they would be looking for help -- but it is just an observation from a disconnected party. ( Well sort of disconnected -- Doug and Willard always have okra, tomatoes, collards - you name it for ME when I drop by - and I DID give Doug some banana pudding from Salter's Market (Pam makes it ) a few days ago).

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Anonymous said...

You can THANK your local policeman for the rowdiness. CAA pays them thousands of dollars to patrol the crowds. I was personally told last year that they we're not supposed to arrest anyone. But when we needed one to beak up an altercation he was over across the road talking to a group of girls! My husband has tried everything he can to control the mayhem but you have some STUPID people in this world.

Anonymous said...

Last year I almost got run over by a car and the deputy did nothing. Said they wete paid for crowd control! Then parade sure setso a poor example for our children!