Friday, June 12, 2009

Cynthia Campbell Mitchell

Update: July 1: Has returned from Houston and is in S.H. Hospital. Family is nearby and with her.
Update: June 20: Cyn is doing okay today, but continues to sound tired. I talk to her and/or Tommy everday. She is ready to come home. Hopefully, they will know what the future treatment options are after her 6/29 appt with Dr H. The PET scan is this Monday, but they do not have any other appts scheduled at this time.
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Anonymous said...

(FROM RENITA 06/12)Cyn is doing better today. They are actually working on discharging her today, but they have been working on this task all day. The picc line was reinserted last night successfully and they are giving her more blood right now. Tommy has been to 2 classes today to learn how to care for the picc and he has to demonstrate his skills to a nurse in a few minutes. Cyn will have to return everyday to get IV antiobiotics. The hospital has set her up with a walker, potty chair and wheelchair. We took Cyn outside this morning for about 15 minutes and she sat up in the wheelchair for about an hour. It has been a super busy day as they have taught her about her colostomy care and Tommy has been in class for 3 hours. They have hung some type of IV about every 30 minutes. She doesn't really get any rest. They did give her some benadryl prior to the blood to prevent any reaction so she has been sleeping off and on since 1. Her surgeon, Dr B visited again and Cyn will return to see Dr B on Wednesday. When Cyn asked her about the chemo, Dr B said she would set her up to see Dr H after their visit on Wednesday and she would have to decide (talk to some participates) if she wanted to participate as there is nothing that is going to take all the cancer away, but she needs to decide if the benefit of increasing her life expectancy is worth all the side effects of the treatment. Dr B said if the benefit was only 30 days she would have to decide if it was worth it or not. The drain has been removed today and they are going to remove the staples today also. My computer isn't working today in the hospital so I might not be able to send any more emails until I get home in Florida. I'm using a hospital computer. We took a picture of Cyn and everyone while we were outside and I will send it to you when we get home as we didn't bring cables to hook up to our computer.
Tommy feels like Cyn will participate in the treatment, but he is totally leaving it up to her. She is still very weak and probably won't be able to travel home by car for some time so we are talking options with Tommy like renting an RV to get her home when she decides to come home. Cyn wants everyone to know that Tommy has taken really good care of her and there may come a time that she has to go into a Nursing Home or Hospice and she is okay with that. I know that I have kinda rambled, but everyday is truly a roller coaster ride for them and us.

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UPDATE- Early June - - from Cynthia's sister, Renita. Cynthia's condition is sensitive and she has been through a lot. There is hope she can be transported home though her weak state is not conducive at this point. One thing for sure. She is a very tough woman.
**** earlier ****
Cynthia Campbell Mitchell is in ICU at MD Anderson clinic (Houston) and is recovering from a fierce week of pain and tumor removal. They expect her to be in recovery for at least 10 days. Tommy and her brother, Ron are nearby. Ron will be returning soon. Kenna reports she is mending and feeling much better since the surgery. Chemo is to continue once she is better. Prayer is encouraged. It is stressful for not only her but the family - of course.

The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd
Houston, TX 77030

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UPDATE: June 17: Cyn had an okay day yesterday. Feet swelling was down some. She had an appt today with Dr B, and she has an appt with Dr N tomorrow 2 discuss stem cell transplant. This is her best option per my knowledge. The way I understand it is they will remove her stem cells from her marrow for a few weeks and do some type of dialysis on them while they do high dose chemo on her. Tommy had thought they had bumped her from this option. Her appt is at 11 tomorrow.

UPDATE- June 15 - Today was not one of Cyn's better days. She can't seem to have 2 in a row. Her feet and legs are still really swollen. She told me when I was there that she had gained 15 lbs in a few days, so this has to be fluid. She doesn't eat a whole lot, she just kinda picks at her food and Tommy finishes it. She is also having a lot of reflux problems. By looking at her records on-line, it appears she will be finished with her IV antibiotics this Friday, unless they add some on. She sounded very tired tonight, and she still has to go for IV's. She has her doc appt this Wednesday.
UPDATE-June 14- Cynthia and Tommy are now in a hotel near the clinic. She is going to the clinic regularly for follow up work and tests. They expect to be in the hotel a few weeks. Flowers and food gifts are out (allergies and food challenges of course). A card and thoughts would be good. Maybe try her on facebook? Not sure she will be up to computering much though. Howard Johnsons, 9604 S. Main St, Houston, TX 77025, Room 305, 713-666-1411. Walmart and Target are nearby and she can go sometime in a wheelchair. (notes from Renita).