Monday, October 22, 2007

Coon Hill Cemetery OPEN HOUSE 10.28

Celebrating of the Historic Site Restoration. The cemetery originated in 1820. In the past 12 years there were 3 major desecrations. Much of this has been repaired and there is more to do. About 100 headstones and 73 markers have been replaced or repaired. Bring lawn chairs and come to the celebration Sunday after church on October 28. Free seafood dinner of Fried Catfish and Mullet, coleslaw, beans and hush puppies. Dinner is FREE - but of course donations for the cemetery repairs will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!. Need more information? Call Alvin Enfinger - 994-7033.


Anonymous said...

yes how do you get permission to go in the cemetery? who do you get permission from?

henry said...

It is almost impossible to get permission to enter after the vandalizing. I attepted to aquire permission and call the historical society in santa rosa county and they refused to grant permission. We all know that didnt stop me it was a truely amazing time the things i seen cant even be explained and the children did push me from the wall and no one was there.

BUZZ CREEK said...

I am sorry you chose to go without permission. It is a sacred site for many families in the area. Should you choose to talk about this or attempt to go again, you should most certainly contact one of the board members. Ask the people at THE FARMERS OPRY who to contact. Their parents and cousins are on the board and would prefer to work with people knowing who is there than to have random access to many people among whom are vandals and evil doers who are absolutely not to be tolerated.