Thursday, September 20, 2007

Curtis Cook Improving

From: Curtis Cook Thanks!!!
What can I say? I am surprised and even joyed in receiving the M&M's and now the card. Yes it was good to see most everyone at the reunion. The white hair is almost gone and being replace with the skin, I expect what is left will fall out in the next couple of weeks. But, it is OK. It could come back Black or as mother said when I was born it was Blonde and curly. It does not matter at this point, what matters is the Doctor told me monday that I am responding to the treatment and I have finished my second treatment and my next one will be Oct. 8th. I am doing great and you don't know how bad you felt until you feel good.Curtis ... Reply -- This is good news! Give it the FULL COURT PRESS.. whatever that is..I have no clue.. I was just the photographer...HA!! .. Vic
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BUZZ CREEK said...

Went back to see the Dr. this last Wednesday, the 31st. He said I was doing good and then he started explaining my progress. The Limpfoma was swrinking, and after several big medical words I just ask if I started at 100% where were we now and he said that I was below 50%, with one spot on my spleen down from15cm to 9cm. I go back today for a shot to rebuild what the chemo takes out. Praise the Lord and thanks fot all the Prayers. Keep up the full court cause we ain't there yet. Sorry Mrs. Parks (ain't)