Sunday, August 05, 2007

Coon Hill Repairs

This picture was made back in early June. Alvin has been doing a lot of work himself and with a crew to repair the damages at the cemetary. It seems every time the newspapers do a special article on Coon Hill, vandals appear from the woodwork. Alvin thinks there are two main kinds of trespassers. There are the more gentle kind looking for ghosts who have numerous websites proclaiming all kinds of ghost sightings all over the world ... and there are plain old mean people who like to wreak havoc. The gate is now a mile from the site so that should cut down on the traffic a lot. More Pictures of the damage and repair work HERE. At every opportunity we need to let people know they will be prosecuted with severe prejudice for damaging this property. Honest curiosity seekers, family of deceased and researchers are encouraged to contact Alvin Enfinger for access to the gate. We know we can't stop people, but we can encourage civility. "Do the right thing".
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Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how to contact Alvin Enfinger? It would be greatly appriciated! Thank you! :)

Simple said...

I went there for the first and only time on Christmas Eve, 2006 I guess it was. There were 6 of us. I thought it was sad to see garbage and cigarette butts all over. Wanted to help clean up etc. Please post if there's a community clean up day.
My son and I love the history of old cemeteries and we would like to visit there again.