Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Myrtle May Kilpatrick Visit

I visited a lot of folks when I was down home. Thomas, Jr, Skeeter, Marion, Wayne, Doc, and even Lucille who is 100 years old and had no clue who I was as she rested in bed in the Sandy Ridge Nursing Home. I saw a lot of my friends. For most folks, I was able to leave some vegetables. I usually get a large supply from Salter's Farm Market and then divvy them out as I visit the "old folks". Vegetables are far better than flowers. You can eat vegetables. Myrtle Mae wants me to come back by sometime with Karen and Alex so she can fix us a meal. It is always nice to put people in their 90's to work. They like it and it benefits the pallet. Myrtle Mae's grandson-in-law, Ricky, is retired from the Highway Patrol and helps manage the Griswold Farms facilities (peanuts and cotton). My brother-in-law, James, used to work a lot with Ricky and they became known as SM1 and SM2. The M stands for magnate - and they seemed to attract problems when they teamed up in law enforcement.
See the okra? It was put to good use. This is especially nice looking okra - myself being an expert, having had a 5 acre okra plantation with my brother when we were in our "slave phase" down on the farm which is to the lower left of the Chumuckla Crossroads aerial below. That is TD, Jr. in the chair (founder and CEO emritus of Salter's Farm Market). Milton Salter (Thomas, Jr.s Mom) is well over 90. I captured this "Milton Salter Sighting" at the Farm market. Pat Kilpatrick is walking toward the camera from his home - soon to become a parking lot for maybe a shopping center at the corner of Woodbine Road and Hwy 90. The former mass of Live Oaks were undone by Ivan a few years back. Uncle Sammy's Crossroads Market is in a photo above and is located near the crossroads in the photo below. I got lucky on this shot, returning from a brief trip to Houston. The landing pattern for Pensacola was 'just right' that day. MORE PICTURES.

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BUZZ CREEK said...

Everybody I talked about in this post a few years ago is gone now (Well, except for SM1 and SM2). Rogene's old home place is now occupied by the Raceway at Hwy 90 and Woodbine.