Saturday, June 24, 2006

Help Support and Grow the Town

I'd really like to see Chumuckla folk come together more often. It seems that we need more people that will stand up for our little town, we have a local volenteer fire department but no volenteers. We have a community center that is used for senior fellowship during the week but only a handful (of locals) attend. the Opry is great, but not enough interest in building businesses that will allow more young families to stay. If some of the land along the road in downtown Chumuckla was built up, in my opinion, more young families would prosper, and settle down closer to their elderly parents and grandparents. Your Comments are welcome, thank you
With brotherly love, Chester Hawthorne c/o

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BUZZ CREEK said...

Well said, Chester. I think the town is due for a growth spurt. It will take some good leadership to stimulate volunteers. Check out the ways to post to the blog. Your last posts went in as comments. But YOU are one of the "managers" so YOU and a few others can make brand new topic posts. YOU can even send your blog post with a subject line by an email address to the blog. I copied your comments and made them into blog posts. Sorry about Saundra. I don't think I knew her?