Saturday, February 04, 2006

Claud Davis

I just thought I'd post this photo of Mr. Claud Davis of Allentown. He is about 97 years old. This photo was made in 2002. The house he lives in was built about 1840. He still runs a herd of cattle and chops his own wood. Claud was in the US Navy from 1926 to 1946 having served mainly in the Asiatic Fleet prior to WWII and of course serving throughout WWII. My Dad who was 82 at the time took me by to visit Mr. Davis. Dad died about a year or so later. You can learn more about the Asiatic Fleet HERE. I have some video of this visit which includes a lot of his memorabilia from the Navy. I hope to soon include this footage and a number of other interviews with Asiatic Fleet Sailors in a single DVD soon. Another story from the Asiatic Fleet is in the film about the USS Houston.Posted by Picasa

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