Thursday, December 22, 2005

Vic's Christmas Letter

We offer our very best wishes for you and yours this holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. This is our famly "Christmas Letter" for 2005.
Alex is 14 now and enjoys playing Lacrosse. He enjoys sports activity and has recently taken an interest in physical conditioning with weights. You can't tell from this picture, but he is 6' tall ( 2" shorter than Vic). Alex is now a freshman in High School. He most enjoys his History classes. French is his language of choice to study and he is beginning to make some headway. Oui! Karen enjoys her challenging work with ISI. Travel has not been intensive the later part of 2005 - but there are conference calls/net meetings all the time - early and late - to accomodate worldwide team members. Getting "Marsians" from around the world to use the same computer system isno small endeavor (different languages, cultures and laws). Vic has a number of media projects underway. This "video blog" is one of them. Our families in Hurricane Alley are relatively dried out and in reasonable repair now (Ivan and Dennis). We wish there was more time to visit our families "down home" as parents and other family squarely face the the affects of age. A number of cousins and friends, or their children are directly involved with our nation's efforts in the Middle East. We pray for their safety and that their efforts will allow peace to have a chance to bloom for the people in that region of the world.

Here are some more links. ME3TV (a means to present local TV programming without any dependence on cable television). Currently there are two video blogs there; INCOUNTRY and Eggzono973. Under "Incountry" I posted my nieces singing a Christmas song for you. They are also posted at singing Tiptoe Through The Tulips. They are funny! You may remember the Snowfall video Vic did few years ago. It is now a DVD. Segments from it are now put to poetry by fellow entrepreneur, MJ Trenkler of Jacksonville, FL. One is posted on this page. Enjoy the snow! This year, we are mailing cards to our family and friends without internet access. I hope you don't mind! Here comes 2006!
Our best wishes to all of you, Vic, Karen and Alex.

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