Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Toast To Dad

Here is Jack Matchett. Jack is an original. About the only thing that would keep him from a 5AM coffee at the Tom Thumb would be an all-nighter at the casinos in Biloxi. Well that's not a problem for now because Biloxi got blown away (Katrina). The scrabble of trees behind Jack used to be a thick forest (Dennis) and behind me - the photographer- are the remains of Elizabeth Chapel (Ivan). The unmarked grave at Jacks feet is the resting place for my Dad, J.Lee. Dad and Jack once served a tour aboard the USS Shangri-La together in the late 1950's. Well, Jack is now stiff and hobbling around with the effects of chemo therapy and we wanted to make a toast to Dad while I was home. We had some Tom Thumb coffee cups to make it authentic. I know Dad appreciated it. We'll have a nice marker on the grave soon. Posted by Picasa

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BUZZ CREEK said...

Jack Died Feb 5, 2006 - while watching the Super Bowl. He loved football. From the time of this photo - the last time I saw him, Jack went down very much in his health and it became just a matter of time. See you at the crossroads, Jack!