Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I can name them all, since I started with St. Regis in 1973. From left to right they are: Charlie Cole, R. F. Cotton, T. J. O'Kelley, Ralph Ard, Billy Pinckard, Tom Ard, Jessie Hall, and Sidney Earl Lewis.

This is GREAT!
Really glad you found chumuckla.com...
I'll put that information on the photo... and credit you with a WIN. I don't know what you won, but I'll think of something!
note.... a big blow up of the photo is at the FARMERS OPRY. SEE link on Chumuckla.com
Mr. Cotton, last I heard had alzheimers quite badly and is in poor shape....

I guess I have an unfair advantage. All they guys in the picture except Jessie Hall and Sidney Lewis were still working there when I started with St. Regis in '73. I'm not sure, but I believe I was hired after Mr. Hall retired to take his place. I'm a native Pace boy but have spent many a day in the Chumuckla area in the last 31 years. As a matter of fact, I'm not far from Chumuckla right now, since we have an office (now International Paper) here on Spanish Trail / Hwy. 178. I have to navigate downtown Chumuckla every work day. The traffic is "terrible". You are basically correct about Mr. Cotton. As is unfortunately typical with this disease, his mental state is bad, but his overall physical condition is fairly good as of the last report I had. You may already know these facts, but here is an update on the rest of the guys in the picture. Charlie Cole, Ralph Ard, Tom Ard, and Jessie Hall are deceased. T. J. O'Kelley still lives in Chumuckla and is retired, although to here him tell it, his wife is trying to work him to death. Billy Pinckard lives in Pace, has been retired for years, and is doing well. I have never met Mr. Lewis, but as of a few years ago, he was working for a contractor at Air Products in Pace. My brother knew him, since he was with Air Products at the time. He was living in Pace then, and as far as I know, is still there. Dalton.Cobb@ipaper.com

Thank you for the updates! I saw TJ O'Kelly a year or so ago when I was home. My dad, J. Lee Campbell, died a year ago. We used to ride all over the county when I came home. We drove by the IP site on Spanish Trail a lots of times.. What an operation! I should have joined SRegis / after college in 71... but oops, I had to go in the Navy for a few years and then off to more college and an ag business career and now documentary maker. Did you ever run into Winston Norris down in Pace? His wife is my cousin. Maybe we'll meet up sometime down at the opry! Hold in the road ! Especially on those tough commutes!

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