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The Save the Collards Foundation is proud to support a world of conflict free collards.  Eat your collards in peace.  Drink the "pot likker" - not the "kewlaide". The CRUDDS CREED .. "Eat your vegetables".  Visit Crudds -- See this page.  InCountry  ME3tv (youtube channel) Jay Historical

T-Shirts - Coffee Cups - Posters All Chumuckla All the time

A Marine finds Chumuckla ... and more  (from "in Country with Uncle Vic" )

CONSIDER the NAVAL ORDER OF THE UNITED STATES if you love History of our Sea Services
............ Facebook page.  HIstory Lectures . Authors. Insight.  You can join the organization if you served or if you simply appreciate the history.

USS O'Callahan - a USN Veteran site for "green" sailors

Explaining THE IRISH BLESSING The Story of Fr. Joseph O'Callahan and the battle to save USS Franklin in WWII
The IRISH SONG STORE (tee spring)
USS Houston the LAST STAND ... in memory

........... more -- books

Bravo Zulu -- if you got this card -- we are saying to you ... JOB WELL DONE !  It is a navy signal - flags or verbal - to say "WELL DONE" ..    Irish Song was the ship's combat "call sign".  Originally classed as a Destroyer Escort (DE) the whole class was renamed Fast Frigate (FF) in the mid 1970's when the Navy reassessed the roll and tonnage of its fighting ships. Some "Destroyer Leaders" became "Cruisers" because in reality they were much larger than a destroyer but a budgetary manipulation had allowed "destroyers' to grow to a much larger vessel than before.  DE's grew a bit larger too.

Save a Collard - Eat a Collard.   A public service message .... Eat your vegetables

EARLINE's DOIN's   A blog you will thoroughly enjoy - and your grandma too
... her book  LIFE WITH THE TOP DOWN

ROY TALKS - He cannot see but talks. AND PAINTS.
He hopes to sign with Rust Oleum as his exclusive supplier of Rust Oleum BLACK !!
..................... Some of Roy's Art. Ask to buy some or commission yours special.

THE JCT197 Farm - 9019 Chumuckla Hwy (ACREAGE)
The Case for a Grocery in Chumuckla Dollar General Now Here
........... Piggly Wiggly coming to Wallace Lake Road.
........... Worm Farm and Cappuccino Boutique sought for the village.
WME3.NET  a time tunnel to other things (vic's youtube channel)
BLUE COLLAR VOICE -- A strong voice to hold local elected leaders accountable .  Facebook - Tommy Nichols

WD 40 can extend the life of your razor. 
Use it after every shave (on the blade).